I love sharing stories with new audiences to inspire them to live an authentic life by reigniting their passion and owning their personal power.

I speak on the following topics:

Finding Flow, Happiness and Balance;
Defining Feminine Leadership and the Modern Feminine Leader;
Moving From Fear to Faith;
How to Pivot Careers and Live in Alignment with Your Soul;
How to Navigate Failure with Grace;
Manifesting Your Dream Life;
Meditation and Stress Relieving Techniques for the Workplace; 
How to Create a Magical Life through Intention and Flow.

Talks are Customized For Your Group

My talks and presentations contain stories alongside actionable advice and tools, fascinating research, and interactive exercises.

I design custom experiences that empower audiences to be unlock their full potential in all areas of their life.

Your audience will be left feeling uplifted and refreshed, with a renewed sense of purpose, self-connection and passion for life. 


Talks can be modified for your event or group's needs.

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