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A Valentine's Day Ritual

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2021

My most favourite Valentine’s Day was when I was in grade one and my mom got me a plush troll doll that wore a heart-themed sweatshirt and we ate gummy candy hearts. 


Since that time? I’ve had all sorts of mixed feelings and experiences.


I’ve done Valentine’s Days where I boycotted the day, Days where I went out to a bar with girlfriends to “find a Valentine,” Days where I celebrated with a partner in a romantic way, Days where I used it to express love to all my friends, Days where I did nothing, Days where I did a “Galentine’s” and everything in between until I finally landed on, what I believe is the best way of all…


A day where I very consciously show up and love up on myself for a day.


A self-love and honouring day.


A day where I do the things that I love to do the most.


A day where I acknowledge what I love about myself. 


A day where I honour the love within me. 


A day where I offer deep kindness, tenderness and love to myself. 


The best part about this ritual? It’s never dependent on a relationship status.


I still do this same ritual every year because it really is nice, and I wanted to share it with you. 


The first thing to do is:


Think about what’s on for you that day.  


This year, it’s on Sunday so maybe your schedule is more open.  Just think of what’s a “must-do” already so that you know how much space you have in your day.


The second thing to do is:


Think about what, in this moment, would feel LUXURIOUS to you to do with that space.


Would simply having some time by yourself feel luxurious? Would laying around in a white robe in bed feel luxurious? Would buying the expensive wine feel luxurious? Would scheduling a Zoom with some of your favourite people feel luxurious? Would receiving pleasure feel luxurious? Would watching This is Us and having a nice feelings-fest feel luxurious?


I want you to write out the things that would feel luxurious to you, and then come up with your itinerary for the day.  How do you want to incorporate some, most or all of these things into your day?


The third thing to do is:


Write a love letter to yourself.  I mean it.  A true love letter to the truest love you will ever know… you. 


I want you to write about what you appreciate about yourself.  


I want you to write about what you’re proud of yourself for. 


I want you to write out what you love about yourself, and about your time together. 


I want you to write about what you’re so excited to do in the future together.


I want you to write about what makes you special.


Then, I want you to thing of:


The people in your life who you know really love you.


The ones who you know that, no matter what, are really supporting you.


The ones who really want you to have the best.


Feel that love that surrounds you in your heart. Write out your gratitude for the love and support that surrounds you. Remind yourself how everyone is rooting for you too. 


The last thing to do is:


I want you to go through old photos of yourself and really appreciate and love the journey you’ve been on. 


I want you to use that as a tool to appreciate the person you’ve become.  


I want you to feel that appreciation in your body. 


And then… I want you to remember that every day could be like this. 


Every day you could show up for yourself with this much tenderness, acknowledgment, gratitude, love and affection. 


I want you to remember that every day, we have the capacity to cherish ourselves.


I love this ritual in February because this time of the year is bleak, is it not? 


It’s dark.  It’s heavy.  It’s a real...month.  You know?


It’s a time where a lot of us might have started to forget about ourselves, or how much, despite our ego’s best critiques of us, we actually do love ourselves.


It’s a great time to consciously remember the love and tenderness we really do have for ourselves.


So lather it up.  


Soak it in. 


Let it be luxurious.


You deserve it.


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