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Before that weekend FOMO gets to you

Uncategorized May 26, 2020

Hey Lovely, 

It's Saturday morning, and I wanted to pop in here to remind you that now that its getting warmer, and restrictions slowly are easing but have not fully lifted, you might be feeling this weird fear of missing out feeling.

Even though there is nothing you are missing out on.

This warmer weather can start to prompt people to feel like they "should" be doing something.

Not knowing what that "should" is, you might feel this nagging feeling like there is something off or you just feel this dissatisfaction. 

In addition, I know that different cities and towns have different rules, and regardless of the current restrictions where you live, you have your own personal rules and integrity of how you are navigating this time. 

I wanted to remind you that even though life looks different right now, I assure you, where you are right now is where you are supposed to be.

There is nothing that you "should" be doing.

There is nothing that you are going to "miss out on."

All of the fun and play and joy you feel like you are missing out on based on past experiences of frolicking around in May are still available - just in a new, different way. 

Your patterning, and all of the memories you have stored up before from this time over many years, is what is being triggered.

Isn't that so interesting to see?

Of course you are feeling like you want to be out and doing because we have been cooped up for so long....

But its also your brain saying "Hey! It's warm! It's the end of May! Its time to play!"

Even though this time looks very different from years past, and will be different from years in the future, let yourself land here, in the present moment.

With no striving or nostalgia about where else you could be.

Because right now, here, in this moment... is the living.

Is the aliveness.

Is all of the joy if you're ready to access it. 

Use this as a time to reflect on what PLAY is for you, in this moment. 

What would bring you joy today, and this weekend?

What did you love to do as a kid that you haven't done in forever?

What would feel so yummy and nourishing to do today?

What would make today the perfect day?

I love that last prompt: "What would make today the perfect day?" 

Because every day is different, and in each present moment what would make it perfect changes.

Maybe this weekend and today is about you watching allllll of the things on Netflix.

Or maybe its being able to sit outside and read a book.

Or maybe its doing a really nice yoga class, and then having a sweet catch-up call with a friend. 

You get to design your perfect day. 

Even when things feel out of your control, this is what's in control: you get to choose. 



One perfectly imperfect day at a time. 




Self Reflection Journal Exercise 

1. What would make today feel most DELICIOUS?