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Uncategorized Jul 20, 2019

Recently I found out my most played song of any recent summer was not some cool summer anthem, but - Ma Durga by David Newman.

Durga is a major archetype of Shakti - the powerful feminine. She is the powerful, courageous, fierce, compassionate and loving goddess within.

You can invoke Durga energy when dramatic, massive inner breakthroughs are happening. She is a warrior goddess, yet always maintains her serenity and compassion.  

Are you going through some pretty big changes right now?

Are you needing to cultivate courage and resiliency?

Are you in the smoke of know that you're being guided and learning a lesson, but are just not sure what, exactly, the universe is trying to teach you - then the goddess for you. 

Archetypes can be used to help us access qualities or energies we may temporarily be lacking or seeking to grow into. 

I personally find that using the different goddess archetypes has been a helpful way to access and explore more aspects of the feminine energy - as Shakti - or the divine feminine is so multi-faceted. 

Try reading Sally Kempton's work on the goddesses as she has a great overview of some of the primary archetypes. 

Then, sing to them, write to them, meditate and invite them in, and then consciously consider what it would be like to emulate them. 

For example, when I needed to be more fierce and courageous like Durga, I would imagine Durga in all of her glory and in battle, and what those qualities were like, and then worked on actually cultivating those qualities inside. 

This is no different from meeting a woman in your life and feeling inspired by her, and then feeling inspired to mirror some of wisdom or qualities. 

A few summers ago, I had a double broken heart, had taken a massive risk I regretted, and was in the “smoke” of knowing that I was being guided by spirit but in the uncomfortable ache of a lot of pain and confusion.

I didn’t yet understand what I was learning, even if I one day trusted I would. 

The archetype of Durga helped me SO much that summer. I read about her, sang to her, listened to music about her, and focused on cultivating her qualities of fierce yet graceful power, and gentle tenacity to weather the “battle” like a warrior.

If you’re feeling defeated right now, try invoking Durga within, meaning the part of  you that IS fierce and powerful, yet loving and compassionate. Invite Durga in by saying “I invite you - Durga - into my life” - and see what happens. 

If you have any further questions about playing with archetypes - let me know!

Happy Sunday. 

Lots of love,