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Full Moon Wisdom :: The Big Release

Uncategorized May 26, 2020

Hey Lovely, 

Tomorrow's full moon is in Scorpio.

Full moons are always a big time of release, of letting go, and feeling big, powerful energy - but this time its in Scorpio, the most intense sign in all of the zodiac.

Think of your average full moon power to illuminate, release, celebrate, grieve, let go... turned up about 19 notches.  

Scorpio is intense, but not in a disruptive way. 

In a focused, powerful, and amplifying way. 

Scorpio is the ultimate mirror.  It has the innate ability to sense what's below the surface, the smiles, and the facades.

Scorpio will push to light what's been hidden in the dark.

Scorpio will move to release the remnants of the past you have been holding onto. 

Scorpio will take your hand, softly look you in the eyes, and kindly ask you to take off the mask.

Scorpio is a relentless pursuer of truth, and wants you to get honest.

Get honest about your fears.

Get honest about what you're feeling.

And get honest about who you really want to be on the other side of this pivotal moment in history, instead of clinging onto who you once were.

If there's any part of you that has been holding back from fully grieving all that the last two months have uncovered, this moon will push you to dive in. 

If there's any part of your space that needs cleaning, Scorpio will help you finally purge.

If there's any doubt you've been holding around your power to get through this, Scorpio will help thrust you into your resiliency.

Because Scorpio knows that on the other side of grieving, of loss, of feeling big feelings, of unleashing and of a release of what was - is the rebirth. 

In processes of transformation, the darkest nights lead to the greatest amount of bliss on the other side. 

May this moon lead us to gracefully be released from our attachments to the past so that we can stand firmly on new ground to usher in the new, more brilliant chapter on the horizon. 

May we see where our values, our identities, and patterns have not been in complete congruence with who we are, and have the courage to move forward with greater alignment. 

May we see where justice has not served populations in our communities, and the world, and strive to find new answers and solutions to the inequalities that surround us. 

May we remember that we are strong, we are resilient, and we are powerful. 

This full moon, set an intention for yourself: "May I release all that is hindering me from activating my true  power.  May I remember my resiliency.  May I remember that through the release and grieving of what was, I can open to the possibility of the grace to come."

Happy Full Moon. 



Self Reflection Journal Exercise

1. What am I grieving right now?

2. What am I releasing with this full moon?

3. What activities make me feel most powerful?

4. What am I feeling?


Ritual: Collect mementos, memories or images of things from the past, or versions of yourself, your life from earlier this year, and your values, that you are ready to release. You could also create a collage on your computer in you wish.


Light a candle and stare at the images and momentos. Loving them for how much they served you, and how much you've loved them.


State: "I am ready to release the past so I can begin to enter into a renewal and rebirth. I am ready to come into greater alignment with my soul. I am ready to surrender. I release and grieve, with love, all that has been, so I can allow the new to be born. And so it is."