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How I went from being a lawyer to a soul guide

Uncategorized Jul 24, 2020

I's time to get to know each other! 

Let's start with the most obvious:

I get that it's not really a usual career trajectory, so let me share...

At the time that I left my law practice, I actually loved being a lawyer. 

I loved the challenge, the strategy and the problem-solving. 

I really had no intention to leave it, but my soul had other plans.

The journey did not begin that way, however.

When I first started practicing law...

I was a bit of a mess.

I spent a decade working toward what I thought would be my "dream life." 

But when I finally arrived, I was anxious, stressed out, and totally stuck in my head.

I was full of self-doubt, feeling like I was an imposter in my own life, and started to question everything. 

I watched as the sparkle in my life slowly began to fade. 

I couldn't figure out why I was feeling like I was in this funk despite the "success" I had and with two feet firmly in the life I thought I wanted.

I started to hear those same "nudges" I spoke to you about in my last e-mail and in the soul map. 

As I began to follow the nudges, and they led me on a journey to connect with my soul.

I began to truly understand who I was and what I wanted from life. 

I was guided to re-evaluate each area of my life and determine whether it was flowing or not. 

If it wasn't flowing, I would unpack whether I was living for me, or because it was what was expected of me. 

What I found was that a lot of what I created in my life was not because I wanted it but because either I have never really given it much thought or because it was expected of me. 

Expectations like: go to a certain school, live a certain place, find a partner, and get married by a certain age, stay friends with the same friends you've had forever...

I made some big changes in my life as a result. 

I left a relationship with the man everyone expected me to marry. 

I distanced myself from friendships and lifestyle habits that didn't make me feel good anymore. 

Interestingly, in my reflections, I realized I really loved my job, but I just needed better tools to cope with the stress.

I began to prioritize my connection to my soul and my wellbeing above all else.

I used powerful tools and perspective shifts to change my life in a really positive way.

Not exactly the way most lawyers describe themselves, right? 

For a long time, my soul-practices and the tools that helped me were my own thing.

Then... I felt inspired to share. 

I really had transformed myself and my life.

I shifted out of my funk, and created a version of my life that truly lit me up.

I was super connected to my intuition and trusted in the universe.  I was able to bring that spiritual lens to my very traditional law practice.

It was incredible, and I really wanted others to be able to experience living this way too. 

The universe delivered. 

After I set that intention, in the most magical of ways.

One by one, I would connect with them, get into chats with them about where they were feeling stuck or unclear in their life (girl, can I just say - I loveeee chats), and they would become clients.

Through this, I figured out the common thread:

Luckily, over the years, I had discovered the exact method and tools to do exactly this. 

Not only did I have my own personal experience, but the lawyer side of me noticed the common patterns we all experience when we begin to shift to transform ourselves and our lives, and created a frameworks to support this.

It got results. My clients would transition to feeling vibrant, confident, and clear on their purpose.

The work then expanded. I was still in law but knew it was time to create...

After seven years in law, five of which were spent building out this soul work on the side, I knew it was time to do this full time. 

See what I mean about how I say my soul had the plans?

I realize now that my soul really was guiding me every step of the way to fulfill my purpose, just like yours is.

I really believe that our souls have connected for a reason, and I'm so excited to support you in any way I can and to watch your journey unfold. 

As a reminder for today...

You deserve to have all the good things you want yourself in your life.

You are allowed to have it all - an amazing career that lights you up, a deep sense of self-love and unwavering confidence, and an epic soulmate relationship. 

All changes that happen in our life are happening for us and not to us. 

You are meant to live in a way that feels magical, expansive, and deeply fulfilling.

Repeat after me: "I am beginning a beautiful new chapter in my life."

Talk soon.