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How to Connect With Your Spirit Guides

Uncategorized Jul 07, 2020

Spirit guides are non-physical guides that ultimately are here to help guide us back to love and help keep us on path.

Spirit guides are here to remind us that we are never alone, that we are always protected, and that we can always call upon their guidance. 

Spirit guides may be beings who you once knew who have passed, or they may be other non-physical guides whom you never met, but you may have shared past-lives with. 

All of these guides are here to support you, love you, and help you develop your faith that the universe is ultimately friendly. 

My first experience with spirit guides came the summer after I graduated University. 

One of my best friends mother's had passed away earlier that year, and that summer while she and I were traveling together, I kept awakening in the middle of the night with shivers going down my arms and then an image of her mother would appear in my mind. 

I can't explain it any other way other than that it was clear her presence was there, and since my channel was open in a way my friend's wasn't, she wanted me to provide the comfort to her daughter of knowing she was still with us. 

A few years later, I connected with a woman who channels spirit guides, simply to hang out as friends, and in our first meeting, she told me that I was about to channel too and not to be scared.

I was freaked out.

This was back in 2014 and any talk of spirits was really out there.  I knew nothing about how this would all work, but stayed open.

Needless to say, it happened. 

About two weeks after she told me that, I went to a yin yoga class and was feeling really calm and open.

All that I can say is that I felt what in my body felt like a tidal wave of energy, and I was pushed to begin writing in my journal.

All of the sudden the words poured out... and out... and out...

A handwriting that did not appear like mine, using a vocabulary that was not mine. 

The messages contained information about my path, certain souls in my life that I had soul-contracts with and what they were about, and what I was to focus on in my journey at that stage.

While it was a crazy experience to be able to tap into this voice of other spirits, it was also incredibly cool and comforting.

Soon after, I connected with another professional intuitive channeller, who would also begin channelling messages for me that would affirm a lot of what I was writing in those sessions in my journal that helped me to strengthen the connection. 

Over time, my ability to channel guides become stronger and stronger. 

In fact, at one point it became so strong that I was hearing a lot of information that it actually became too much and I had to ask them to stop.

The beauty of your connection to your spirit guides is that its like any other relationship; you can choose when and how you communicate. 

I know to some, the idea of channeling feels a bit out-there, but I'm sending you this today in the hopes of normalizing it for you. 

Your spirit guides are the most loving, wise, and supportive guides you have, and they are here to support you and offer you comfort whenever you wish to call upon them.

Having a connection with our spirit guides can help us eliminate our fears, and return to a place of love. 

As a Course in Miracles states: "if you knew who walked with you, you would have no fear."

If you are ready to connect with your spirit guides, I've given you an exercise below to begin. 

Try it out and let me know how it goes.

Have you had experiences with spirit guides coming to give you messages?

Let me know!




Self Reflection Journal Reflection 

1. Write in your journal "I call upon the guides of the highest truth and compassion to provide me with whatever messages I need to hear...." then put down your pen, and choose another pen, and wait to write until a word comes.  Maybe its just one word, or maybe you start to hear more.  Have patience. If nothing comes, then pick up the original pen and begin free-writing whatever is on your mind. Over time, the tone or messages of what you write might change, which is where a guide may have come in. 

2. Ask your spirit guides for what you need help with.  We often have spirit guides for different areas of our life - for example, when it comes to our work and career, our love lives, or our connection to our divine feminine essence.  If there's any area of your life that you're working on, write in your journal that you are looking to connect with the spirit guide that guides this area of your life, and ask them your questions.  Then close your journal and go about your day - revisit it in a week and notice if any insight, or "voices" came to you that week providing you answers to your questions. 

For example, "spirit guide of my love life, thank you for showing me the blocks to receiving a loving and supportive partner into my life." 

3. Try meditating imagining yourself sitting in a park, on a bench. Spend your first few minutes in meditation just imagining yourself at the park bench.  Then, ask one of your spirit guides to come and sit on the bench with you.  Ask them any questions you have, and see how they respond in your vision.