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Uncategorized Oct 22, 2018

There's a big wash of people experiencing feelings of overwhelm lately, so know that you aren't alone in it. 

If you've been receiving my e-mails for a while, you know that full moons are a time where we tend to FEEL more deeply.  Think of the full moon as a big old tidal wave, and with it it'll often bring up feelings of inspiration and clarity, or it'll bring up old doubts, fears or feelings of overwhelm for us to process.

This full moon is in Taurus, which is a sign that is very much about living the good life. 

What is the "good life" to you? For everyone, success and living a well-lived, beautiful life looks different. 

When we set intentions back in May, 2018 at this moon, I was asking you to think about peak experiences of beauty, joy and richness and what a vision would look like for you. 

Now that we are in the full moon period, you may be feeling overwhelmed about whether or not your physical or emotional needs are being met, whether your goals are being hit, or whether your vision of living your best life could actually become a reality. 

Whatever F E A R you are feeling right now, remember that its just a thought in your head and it is "false evidence appearing real."  

The truth is, anything that you want for yourself in your life is possible for you, and the only thing that's standing between you and making your vision a reality is you. 

This is why I am so JAZZED to share this mindset hack that has been a game-changer for me and my private coaching clients to literally rewire the brain to feel more confident in yourself and like you are totally able to make your dreams a reality.  

Try this!!!!

Step 1: Write out what you really want/how you want to feel instead of the way you feel now - ie: write out the vision of yourself as your best version, living your best life.  Maybe for you this is simply to feel more at ease and confident with managing stress. 

Step 2: Write out what your ego/mind has to say about why this could not happen, or would not be possible, or historically hasn't gone to plan.  Write out "this is what my ego has to say about this...." ie": “you don’t have enough time or money to make that happen.” “you always…” etc.

Step 3: Think of what a more empowering story would be to now insert every time that limiting belief or voice of fear comes up.

ie: “I am capable of handling and all challenges at work…” “Even though things are uncertain right now, I trust that everything is unfolding in perfect timing…” “I am worthy and capable of achieving my dreams…” “I find creative ways for money to find me and people love to pay me…” “my soul’s work needs to be supported…” “I am beautiful and radiant, and can’t wait for love to find me when its time.”

Step 4: Write out these affirmations on a piece of paper or in a notebook and read them every single morning when you first wake up and right before you go to sleep. This is because we have “baby brain” during these times, meaning that our subconscious are ready to be inputted with new information.

Step 5: Every time you feel your limiting belief or fear come up, STOP, pause, and then insert your new affirmation. You might feel like a robot at first, but over time, it will become second nature. This is because you are literally rewiring your brain to have a different response to external stimuli (but neuroplasticity is a different story for a different day).

I hope this helps you!!! This is the type of work we will be doing in six weeks to shine, a group coaching experience that begins November 4. Are you IN? E-mail me INTERESTED if you are.