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How to Find Your Community

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2020

I was recently back in Toronto visiting with friends and my family after spending the last six months away. 

For those of you who are curious, the Canada-US border remains closed, but now Canadians can still cross into the USA by air. 

Prior to this, it was assumed that the border was completely closed, which is why I decided to stay in New York so that Chris and I wouldn't be separated. 

The time finally came, however, to cross back over, and I was able to spend 2 weeks in quarantine with my family, and another week in Toronto seeing some friends.

It's such an interesting time right now, with all these new rules and protocols for us all to follow in so many areas of our lives. 

How are you feeling about it all?

In being home, one thing that really hit me was how incredible it is to be around people who feel so like home to me.

People who make my heart feel open and at ease.  

People who make me feel understood.

"Figure 8 friendships," where there is a true give and take, of sharing and also of holding space for one another. 

The last six months I was really isolated. 

While these months away were really amazing for my creativity and my relationship, they brought me away from those familiar connections with those who feel like home. 

I know I'm not alone in having experienced this.  

As a result, I've been thinking a lot about the importance of our communities, and how critical it is to have others around us that make us feel seen, understood, and uplifted. 

True soul connections.  

It's always been a big part of my work to bring women together in community to support, and uplift each other. 

I feel really grateful that so many women have met their "soul sisters" through my courses and retreats, and that these connections only continue to grow. 

I also know how so many have been feeling even more lonely than usual lately, or like they are on a different path than their family and friends. 

Others are already feeling nervous about feeling more isolated as the weather turns cooler. 

This is why I'm committed in the next little while to provide more opportunities for you to connect with other like-minded souls to get the connection and that sense of "home" you might be looking for. 

You are meant to have an amazing community around you, and maybe you're ready to join in on these ones. 

The spiritual journey can feel lonely at times, but it need not be. 

Sometimes when we are not feeling in resonance with some of our connections, its because the universe is guiding us to connect with new souls who are more aligned with where we are at.

Trust that if you are in a space where you feel a lack of solid friendships or connections in your life, you're not alone, and that the universe will guide you to the connections you're next meant to have (maybe through the above offerings). 

Write out in your journal what your ideal connections or friendships would be. 

What would you do together? How would you feel? How would you connect?

Our manifesting powers apply to friendships as well, so get clear on the types of people you want to attract into your life, and then trust the universe to do the rest. 

On the other end of the spectrum, if you are in a space where you are finally reconnecting with friends that feel like home right now, really relish in it.  Feel grateful, and express that gratitude. 

Having people around you that feel like home is such a gift, and its one not to be forgotten. 

And as always, remember that we are always in a state of becoming and undoing. You may currently be feeling really connected, but have passed over a lonely period recently, or vice-versa.   

Honour where you are at. 

Times of connection cultivate more gratitude and inspiration, and times of loneliness lead to a deeper spiritual connection and releasing of what was so the new can enter. 

Sending you lots of love.