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How to Handle the Intense Energy That's Around Right Now

Uncategorized Aug 06, 2020

There's this really potent energy around right now.

It's all leading us to a choice: ride the wave of this energy, or get pulled under.

A lot of the astrological predictions for this month were around this intense energy being around, and about people either getting sucked back into fear and inaction, or using that same intense energy to help them rise more fully.

It's been called the month of "Intense Adjustment."

Here's one of the overviews from a site I like --> here.

There's this big portal called the lion's gate on August 8 that I'll be back sharing a ritual for you to do, but basically it's a time that you can either choose to go through the portal to align with something new... or allow yourself to stay stuck or get into a funk. 

It's the type of energy that can massively move us forward, or totally suck us down a rabbit hole of despair. 

I know where you want to go, my friend.

It's the portal. 

As someone who has so much of their chart in Scorpio, let me assure you: there is nothing to fear with intense energy.  

However, intense energy is something that needs to be learned how to be managed, which is why so many people get swept away by it. 

In order to take advantage of this portal of energy and ride it as positive momentum, instead of getting dragged down by it, I'm going to share some of my top tips for handling intense energy. 

Just know that any time where there is heightened energy, you might be feeling really sensitive.

I've heard from many of you that as you have stepped into socializing a bit more or going out in public, you're more sensitive or get tired or drained more easily. 

This may be even more amplified this month. 

Things you can do are: 

1. Have strong boundaries with where you are going

If people or places don't make you feel good, or feel "off" to you - trust that.  If you have to go, just make sure that you have strong boundaries of when you will come and when you will go so as not to overstay. 

Any type of group gathering might not feel right for you right now, so stick to one on one interactions if feasible.

If you are going away to a cottage or something, just ensure that you take whatever pauses or breaks that you need to be alone if you have to. 

I find that during intense energy portals I really can't handle group anything - and need either one on one hangs or breaks to be by myself if I'm away with others.

2. Practice good energy management

What helps shift your energy back to a place of love and openness? For some, this is practicing reiki on themselves, for others this is taking ritual baths, spending time in nature or for others it's practicing yoga or doing breathwork. 

What brings you into deep connection with yourself and source, and realigns your energy? 

Make sure you are taking time to do that regularly, to ensure that your energy is staying clear and contained.

If you aren't sure on this, let me know and I can help.

3. Notice your energy leaks

We all have different ways we leak energy.  A big one I see is social media and get sucked into it. 

Another way is getting caught in patterns that drain our energy like simply not resting enough, or overdoing it on foods or alcohol.  

Another one might be spending time obsessing over something that's out of your control, or getting swept into mainstream media. 

For me, I joined this Facebook Group for couples separated because of covid border restrictions and I'm not kidding - it has consumed me.  I would get so sucked into all the posts!

I've now realized it was an energy leak and kept hooking my ego that is fearful about all the travel restrictions and isn't serving me.

Be really mindful right now about the energy leaks you might have in terms of both your time and your actual energy. 

This is a time to zip up any "leaks". 

If you aren't sure what your leaks are, try writing in your journal: "Dear spirit, please show me my energy leaks" and see where you are pointed. 

4. Make space for your feelings

I say this now and I have said it one million times before: your feelings are your friends, and carry an energy to them. 

Let your feelings have space to breathe and be, without trying to repress them.

Intense periods can bring on feelings that feel more intense too.  Maybe your loneliness is a little more palpable - this is okay. 

Say: "hello (X feeling), I see you're here... what do you need right now? What are you trying to tell me?"

A lot of the time our feelings just need a little time for us to sit with them, so give them the space to do this.

I'm sensing that a lot of people are having new fears illuminated, or next anxieties triggered - if that's you, just give yourself time and space to witness those fears and anxieties and love them. 

Usually new fears and anxieties come up when we are on the edge of a new, incredible level! 

You are about to step into a portal of more magic, so the fears and anxieties are normal. 

It's just your ego being scared because it knows that as you step forward, you'll listen to it even less, which means that a part of it is going to be gone forever. 

Remember - you are a magical sorcereress that can handle any and all energy! You can and will wield all of this energy toward creating whatever it is you desire. 

I hope these perspectives help you.