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Uncategorized Jan 13, 2018

Ask and it is yours.  Truly.  It’s now no secret that I love manifesting.  I am a true believer that while we cannot control everything in our lives, and all outcomes, there is a lot that is within our power.  Our mind is powerful, and our free will to execute on the ideas that are presented to us is incredible.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks that I see with my coaching clients and at the Circle, however, is our mind getting in the way by trying to figure out the “how” of how things are going to happen.  Our minds love to think linearly, and make assumptions based upon prior experiences as to how things are going to unfold.  When our minds cannot conceive of how something is going to happen, it gets tripped up: “that’s impossible.” “that’s wishful thinking.” “there’s no way that’s a possibility.” “give up. pack it in. who are you to think that is possible" - thereby sabotaging us from receiving the very thing that we wanted.  

Our mind limits us from seeing and receiving the infinite possibilities for how what we want to have happen to materialize because it wants to only believe in what it knows and can control.  However, you have the power to choose again and choose a new story - a story where anything you want for yourself in your life is possible.  


1.Set the intention and get super, crystal clear on what you want and why you want it. 

Ensure that the ask is coming from your heart and not from your ego.  Get clear on why it is that you are asking for this.  will it create more feelings of love and expansiveness in you, or are you asking from a place of scarcity, lack of, or fear?

Believe it is possible, with conviction. Mantra:"everything I want for myself in my life is possible.";

2. Let go - both of the HOW this is going to happen, as well was in what WAY it happens

3. Act as if it's already happened.  Focus on the feeling.  How would it feel when this thing happens? Embody that energy now - because it's already happening.  You are becoming an energetic match for what you want to call into your life.  

4.Take inspired action as you feel called. 

Step two is often the hardest part.  Our mind wants to control, and wants to believe that it knows what’s best for us. How do you let it go? Firstly, trust that the universe is conspiring in your favour and will make what you have asked happen.  I know that seems hard at first.  The mind thinks it knows what's possible based upon prior experience, but the Universe makes the tides turn and trees grow so I'm pretty sure it knows what its doing.  Universal intelligence that is far smarter than your mind. 

There are an infinite number of ways how what you want to have materialize could show up.  You just need to trust it will - 100%.  All in.

Then let go - surrender completely.  Do not spend energy trying to control how this is going to happen.  Instead, trust that the wheels are already in motion, and you just go about your life – do the things that keep you feeling good.  You act as if the thing has already happened.  You embody the energy of the person you will be when that thing arrives.  For example, if you want more money, then start respecting money even more by paying your bills on time, paying off debt, spending within your means, or donating a portion of your current earnings to charity, like someone with lots of money would.  If you want to date someone amazing, then start treating yourself like you want that person to treat you.  

When you feel good, your mind is clear to receive the inspiration and wisdom it needs to execute on to bring your vision to fruition.  You will take action as you feel inspired to.  

Your heart/soul/intuition/inner guide might tell you to go to another coffee shop where you sit down beside someone who happens to be reading the exact book that you need to educate yourself for your dream job, or you might feel more open to reaching out to a contact when someone suggests it to you. You might feel the pull to walk down a new street where you run into a friend going to an event that changes your life, or you might feel super creative and begin to start writing a book.  Each day, be open to receive from your inner guidance what your next step is.  

Do not spend your time and precious energy dwelling on how to make things happen for yourself, and instead let things happen for you.    Trust that life can work out for you.  Trust that the Universe is friendly and not fearful - and wants to make your dreams come true.  Trust that life is working out for you.  Trust that the game is rigged in your favour.