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How to Trust the Universe More

Uncategorized Jul 23, 2020


There's been an ongoing theme of learning to trust more.

Trust ourselves, but also to trust the universe.

Trust that things are working out. 

Trust in the divine order of things, even if it goes against what we think "should" be happening, and by when.

Over the years, I've had to learn a lot about trusting the universe.

These lessons came reluctantly, since prior to this, I really loved certainty, was adverse to failure, and basically only used to like doing things if I could control the outcome. 

But what would is that I would hear these loud "soul calls" about everything from the possibility that there was an amazing partner out there for me, to creative impulses to create the types of programs I wished existed and now offer.

Every time, I would hear this "soul call" and then would feel a big wave of fear based on not knowing the "how" or even if I took action if any of it would actually work out.

Over time, I learned to trust by taking action, slowly, over many years, and seeing that everything really did always work out. 

While I can sit here and try and assure you that everything is going to be just fine, I wanted to instead share with you my two favourite things to when you're learning to trust the universe more. 

1. Prayer/Intention;

2. Focus on taking care of yourself. 

To me, prayer is another way of setting forth an intention of where want our thoughts to go, or how we want to feel or be. 

In this sense, its about putting your focus on your intention to be more trusting, and to learn to surrender more. 

Whenever I feel like I'm losing faith, or feel anxious for whatever reason, I'll use this prayer:

"Universe, please help me to change my anxiety and worry around X.  Please help to rearrange my thoughts around it, and to surrender my illusion of control.  I trust that if I surrender this over to you, I will be guided.  Please help me to release my fears, and to return to a place of love and trust."

If you scroll to the end of this post, I've also shared for you my favourite mantras that I've used to trust more - to call in a relationship, in career, for money and during failure. 

The reason why speaking or reading these words is helpful is because it helps to shift the thought-pattern.

Moment to moment, we have to check our thoughts if we've "gotten caught in the drama" of our minds my teacher Ram Dass often says. 

Our souls will lead us to create a sense of trusting and flowing with the universe, and our minds will often create a story of self-doubt or anxiety about the future. 

In those moments when your mind is in overdrive, stop, pause, and repeat the above prayer. 

The next thing is to focus radically on taking care of yourself.

Taking risks, flowing with big changes in your life (particularly this year), or taking any type of action out of your comfort zone can be really, really hard. 

You can do hard things - but it's way easier to do it when we are feeling nourished, rested, and taken care of. 

That's why at times when I'm practicing greater levels of trust and surrender, I'll double down on my self-care practices and the things that keep me filled up, feeling nourished, and vibrant. 

Sometimes I'll catch myself thinking that this is "too much" or "too luxurious," to spend so much time tending to myself, but then I reminder myself that nothing is going to flow if I'm feeling anxious and overwhelmed. 

What I've noticed is that the bigger of a leap I'm about to take, the more I'll have to turn the volume up on all the things that make me feel cared for, so if your go-to practices haven't been working for you as well lately, try giving yourself even more time and space for them. 

For that reason, the soul medicine this week is to create enough space in your calendar to care for yourself, to rest, and to nourish yourself.

Try scheduling out 3 hours of uninterrupted "you" time this week, and when you get there think, "what would feel yummiest right now?" and then do that. 

I hope this helps you. 

Remember - it's all going to be okay.