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How you can tell that you're transforming

Uncategorized May 26, 2020

Hey Lovely,

You may have noticed that many movies following the same trajectory:

1. Our main character has an inkling that there's more to life, and begins to feel the call toward adventure or something new;

2. They start to take action toward exploring what the new adventure is;

3. They meet a guide who helps train them for the upcoming changes and to be prepared for the next chapter;

4. They end up in some type of dangerous or dark situation where they have to face their fears;

5. They come out the other side feeling even more confident and aligned than before, know that they have learned a lot, and then things become to flow effortlessly and magically; 

6. They complete the journey, have gained the "magical elixir" of newfound wisdom about life and the universe, and feel excited to share their stories, lessons, and learnings with others.

This is basically the "Hero's Journey" framework by Joseph Campbell.

(You may now notice this in a bunch of movies that you watch).

The peculiar thing was, I noticed a different area where the same stages  were always present.

Can you guess where?

...It's the journey women take when they're really, actually ready to make changes in their lives.

Four years ago I began coaching women to create lives they loved, by getting clear on what they wanted, trusting their intuitions, and taking aligned and inspired actions to get there. 

Well, here is what was so interesting...

Every single woman I worked with went through the same 6 stages of this journey in their own way even if what they were "working toward" was different.  

Whether they came for help in finding more fulfilment at work, or finding their voice, or to transition out of a relationship and claim the love they knew they wanted, or to activate greater levels of abundance and success on their own terms...

There were always these six stages they would go through.

I then developed method based on these six stages not only to help support women at different stages of the journey, but also to help them understand what, exactly, was happening. 

Our minds loveeee a framework, and girl - I love to create them. 

I've given you a little infographic below that describes the different stages.

Which one are you at?

Wherever you are at is great, because you will go through them all again and again. 

It's just fun to know, right?

My sense is that a lot of you might be at the "call to adventure", which is where you know you're ready to make changes or that life is leading you to begin a new chapter but aren't sure what that is yet.

Some of you may have just traversed the "Descent into Darkness" where many of our deeper fears are illuminated after all of the stress and uncertainty of the last few months. 

Remember, even though things are quiet and feel stagnated right now.... they are not.

Life is still happening. You are still growing and evolving. 

And right now, your soul is calling you to grow and evolve an area, or many areas, of your life right now. 

It might be a call to transform your love life, next time it might be how deeply you love and accept yourself, another might be building a new career.

There are infinite possibilities! 

Where are you at?

Two feet firmly planted in the life your soul is dreaming of.