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Uncategorized Oct 30, 2018

As we explore our true selves more - the deepest, most authentic and heart-led parts within us, we can sometimes get so excited to explore the spiritual and emotional realms that we forget to nurture our physical bodies. 

We invest in self-help books, crystals, retreats, coaching, and meditation cushions, but can fail to invest equal time and energy into our bodies. 

As we change, what our physical bodies needs changes as well.  The work that we do to shift and expand our minds and hearts needs to be grounded in our bodies - this is how our vibration literally changes.

If we fail to do this, we can get a little too stuck in the "air" or higher realms.  When that happens, it can be difficult to birth our creations into the world because they are stuck up in idea-land.  We can't show up as powerfully because our presence isn't as potent because we aren't fully in our bodies.

You know those people that just have an ENERGY or MAGNETISM about them?  They walk into a room and you FEEL it. 

These are people who not only have done the work to excavate their hearts and minds, but then have had the discipline to ground their work into their physical bodies.

Do you also know those people with a lot of great ideas or spiritual wisdom, but when you are in front of them there's just an...airiness about them and they can't seem to turn any of their ideas or dreams into anything tangible?

Basically, our bodies need to catch up with all the great work we do in the spirit and emotional planes. 

Here is the key to doing this - our bodies need different types of physical movement depending on what we most need to balance/ground/nurture right now. 

While pilates may have been your go-to before, you may be craving HITT or spin class.  Similarly, if you are used to an intense vinyasa yoga practice, you may be craving more yin or restorative yoga. Let what you need change with whatever season you're in.  We're all cyclical. 

Tune in with your body and what it is really craving right now.  It should show you what type of movement it needs to nurture/ground yourself the most based on what you're working with at this point in your journey. 

Different types of movement will nurture your physical body, emotional body and spiritual body.

For example, when I am doing deep spiritual work I crave a lot of yoga, because it nourishes me and my connection to the divine. 

When I am diving deep into the range of my emotions and feelings, I love dance/pilates release classes like Fusion from Misfit studio (side note: this class/all their classes are sooo amazing to get you into your goddess flow.  For those of you not in Toronto, you can stream some of their classes here). 

As my coaching and retreat offerings expanded, I started to crave a lot of intense strengthening like spinning and Barry's Bootcamp to make me physically stronger to energetically hold space for so many people's transformations. 

When I am most in balance, I am rotating between all three to ensure that my physical body is nurtured on all three levels. 

Try the self-reflection questions below to see how you can get back into balance with your physical body so that you can show up as the most powerful YOU moving forward.