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Is movement your new medicine?

Uncategorized Jul 03, 2020

How are you doing?

There's a lot to process right now.  

On sooo many levels. 

We are collectively healing and dismantling systems of oppression.

We are collectively healing ancestral lines, and the impact of what our ancestors did or didn't do.

We are collectively healing ourselves as we continue to awaken to what new reality this whole year has been ushering us into. 

I've always been a big proponent of doing the emotional and spiritual work of looking into the crevices of our psyches and patterns so that we can ultimately reclaim our light.

If you've worked with me before, you know that I don't shy away from leading you into your shadow - which are the parts of yourself or your life that you would prefer not to look at because that's where true transformation occurs.

On the other side of meeting what's uncomfortable, messy, difficult, or painful, however, comes greater levels of self-liberation or personal freedom. 

This is where you might some of critics of those who advocate for "love and light" come in.

Love and light absent doing the deeper shadow work is empty.

Yes - we want to expand into greater capacities for love and light, but without traversing the darkness, its not embodied or truly authentic.

The journey to deeper places in the heart, or dark nights of the soul, or moments of groundlessness, or when you've made a mistake and failed, or when you're in the "smoke" and you're not sure where you path is leading but trust it is going somewhere...

Those are all moments that your soul is guiding you into your shadow. 

Those are the moments that we can rely upon our tools to help us stay present, feel our feelings, and then move through that shadow to eventually released whatever is coming up to be released in us. 

This is the spiritual alchemy. 

One part of the puzzle I think that often gets missed in stages of growth is the physical piece. 

Our minds process, think through, and release. 

Our souls lead us to the parts of ourselves that are ready to be healed by showing us what's no longer working, and help us to face our fears and learn new levels of love and compassion.

But then there's a whole physical piece in this whole dance. 

Your body has been storing all of the energy of your past feelings, and the feelings you have now if you aren't being present to them.

Your body is also carrying the unprocessed feelings and actions of your ancestors (this is a phenomenon called epigenetics). 

And further, if you are so stuck in the mind in your processing, your body can begin to feel ungrounded.

You lose your connection to her, and all of the messages she is trying to tell you.

If you do lose this connection for long enough, the body will create pain as a manifestation of whatever is in dis-ease in yourself. 

So what's the answer?

We move.

We get out of the head - and back into the body.

We physically release.

We let our bodies catch up and integrate all that our souls have been learning and unlearning. 

We learn to get present in the body - and to begin to trust her again.

From that place, she begins to trust you again and will begin to give you messages to help you in your healing and growth. 

Your physical practice can be suuuuuch a powerful part of your growth. 

Right now, I see a bit of a disconnect with a lot of people who are doing a lot of the amazing, deep spirit and emotional work without then having a physical movement practice to help them shift the energy they are processing. 

Does that sound like you?

Have you dropped away from your movement practice during this time?

If you have, use this as a reminder to bring it back.  

Your body has been holding so much and she needs a release too. 

Let her guide you to the movement she wants.

Sometimes we need more fire and yang type of movement like HITT or running, and sometimes we need more fluid, gentle movements like pilates or yoga. 

What is your body calling for right now to help you process?

I usually need a combination of yin/yang movements, which is why I gravitate to slow running and fast yoga. 

Remember: movement is medicine too. 

It's time to vote your body back on the island.  




Self Reflection Journal Exercise 

1. What movement is my body craving?

2. What has my movement practice been lately? How much more or less is my body craving?