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It's time to blossom, butterfly.

Uncategorized Jul 03, 2020

I wanted to share with you why I personally joined a mastermind and what it did for me. 

So a few years ago I decided I was fully ready to leave law.

If you didn't know, I had a long push and pull about leaving because I truly loved being a lawyer, but I love this work more.

What I also loved, as a single woman taking care of myself, was being able to afford my lifestyle and take care of myself.

I was never going to leave law until my business was developed enough to be providing for me in an equal or greater way than my law income. 

So that year my focus was on scaling the business, such that I would feel really secure to leave. 

I started to get the intuitive nudge that maybe I needed to hire a mentor or coach who already had the right acumen and knowledge to help me...

But I also greatly benefit from group experiences because I learn so much from other people so wanted that. 

A few days later, a guy I had met and come to really respect and admire from a retreat in Costa Rica, (who happens to be Chris Harder who is a super inspiring business and money mindset expert all around), reached out about a mastermind he was running. 

Obviously the Universe put him back on my radar exactly at the right moment, and I signed up.

It was the exact mix of an amazing community of individuals alongside really solid coaching that I was looking for. 

What I got out of that experience was the accountability to actually take the action I knew I needed to take...

The support of a whole new tribe of people also super committed to high-level growth that year...

And an awesome coach and mentor to give me the insight and clarity I needed when I needed it most...

And you know, that year I left law under exactly the parameters I set out for myself.

It all happened exactly as I had envisioned - but I really attribute the container that the Mastermind held me in which helped me to quash any self-doubt, stay on track, and really believe that everything I dreamed of was possible. 







Self-Reflection Journal Exercise 

1. How do I define "success"?