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Let's dive in

Uncategorized Aug 04, 2020

It's a full moon again tonight and another amazing opportunity to take a little time to reflect on everything that has unfolded since the new moon on January 24, 2020.

Doesn't that seem like eons ago?

You've changed, sweet friend, and probably your connection to time has changed too.

When you think through each of these months from this year, do they all kind of blend together, or do you have a clear delineation between different months, or even the first few months of this year and then March? 

One reason I love following the moons is that it gives an opportunity, twice a month at the new and full moon, to consciously reconnect with yourself and reflect on where you're at, what life has been showing you, and who you are becoming. 

The full moons are typically times that we can't run away from what has been lurking below the surface, or what is primed to evolve, or what growth is meant to unfold. 

This sometimes sounds scary but it need not be. 

Imagine a big, beautiful lake in front of you.  

You've been avoiding going into the water because you can't see the bottom, but eventually, it's gotten too hot and you know you want to jump in.  

There's a mix of anxiety and excitement in your body - which then you remember is the same feeling in your body, and so you choose to see it as excitement from your soul about diving in. 

Maybe when you jump in, you all of the sudden remember what a joy it was to jump in when you were a kid, and you begin to reflect on how you might reconnect with that playfulness again. 

Maybe when you jump in, you decide to stay a while underneath the water and you feel something along the bottom. 

You go to reach for it, and find an old ring of your mother's, whom you haven't spoken to in a little while.  All of a sudden, a wave of nostalgia courses through you and you feel yourself saddened that you haven't talked to her in a while, but also a push to reach out. 

Or maybe you dive in and you come face to face with a giant turtle, who you face directly only to watch him swim away and know there was nothing to fear. 

Whenever we choose to dive into the waters of our subconscious, something will be illuminated, but it's ultimately for our own healing and growth.

Our feelings and what is happening in our life have so much wisdom for us, and full moons are a magical time where more is clear to us. 

Whatever you find when you dive in is up to your soul and your own journey, but I can tell you that there is nothing to fear. 

On the other side of diving deep, we are left feel even more refreshed and renewed. 

Over the weekend, what has been under the water for you? What feelings have been surfacing? What waves have you been riding?

If you've been feeling a push to reconnect with your soul, to deepen into really connecting with yourself and clarifying what you want then six weeks to shine might be perfect for you right now.

I decided to open it back up because I feel like so many of us are in this space where the old is no longer, but the new has not yet come, so instead of floundering... it's about taking time to take control the one thing that you can control, which is your connection to yourself, and to use this time and space as a gift to continue to deepen into who you are, to dust off the pain of the last few months, and to allow yourself to shine again. 

Even during times of uncertainty.

Even when there's so much negativity around. 

Even when, I'm sure, that much of your life or your identity has been uprooted in an intense way the last few months. 

Even when other people might not feel like its even possible to shine right now, you can still choose to. 

You always get to choose.

Don't forget that you living fully connected to your truth, standing in your light, being clear on your purpose, and sharing that with others makes a massive positive ripple effect in our communities. 

Are you in?

Success stories, all the course details and payment options: HERE.

Shine on, sister.