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My story from lawyer to soul guide

Uncategorized Aug 24, 2020

I get that it's not really a usual career trajectory, so let me share...

I initially really had no intention to leave law, and really loved my practice as a litigator, but my soul had other plans.

It used to drive me crazy when I would see these online coaches giving the advice to just quit your job and then you'd be happy.  I didn't resonate with that because what I wanted was to figure out to be more passionate about my life, without trying to escape it. 

Through a lot of surrender of the "shoulds" in my life, following my intuitive nudges, and exploring my passions, I was led to do this work.

But let's dial it back a bit... 

While when I left law I was actually loving it, that was not the case even a little bit when I began my practice. 

Right when I began my own soul journey...

I was a bit of a mess.

I spent a decade working toward what I thought would be my "dream life" only to get there and think: "is this all there is?"  

You see, I used to watch a lot of after school Oprah growing up, and one time she had a guest come on to speak about the "secret" and the law of attraction. 

The law of attraction is essentially the idea that we can magnetize into our lives whatever we desire, that our thoughts are powerful, and that through tapping into the power of our mind and setting intentions on what we want to experience in our lives, we can make it our reality. 

I took this whole concept to heart, and at 16, scribbled down of a piece of paper the "dream life" I wanted to have.

For years, this future vision motivated me as I worked my way through law school, and eventually found myself in the dream life I had crafted all those years before. 

I was proof that the law of attraction "secret" absolutely worked, but the issue was that I had "manifested" my way into a life that actually didn't feel that awesome when I got there. 

On paper, I was living my "dream" but I was anxious, stressed out, and totally stuck in my head.

I had a ton of self-doubt, felt like I was an imposter and was being super hard on myself, and started to question everything about my life.  

As time when on, I assumed things would shift, but they didn't.  I started to feel more and more uninspired, unsettled and uninspired. 

Instead of dealing with this, I spent a solid year just distracting myself from the fact that I felt so bleghhh. I dated over it, scrolled social media over it, drank wine over it, watched Netflix over it, travelled over it and worked out over it. 

The truth was, it would fill me up for a bit but then I was always left feeling flat and disconnected. I felt like I was just going through the motions in my life. 

This was my pattern for a while until I started to get these "nudges..."
Nudge, nudge... I would feel: "there's something off here...."

Nudge, nudge... I would hear: "there's more to life than just going through the motions..."

Nudge, nudge... an article on meditation jumped out at me in a magazine at my dentist's office: "you need to start meditating..."

As I began to follow these nudges, I now see I was being guided back to a journey to connect with my soul. 

The first nudges were to begin a meditation practice, and start writing in my journal again. 

Over time, my meditation practice helped me to start to feel lighter and more clear-headed.

From there, I felt inspired to start to take some time and space to figure out who I was and what I wanted in my life on the pages of my journal. 

Also, to be clear, since I know we are all busy, by "time and space," I meant in the few hours I had to myself each week.  

I looked at each area of my life and saw whether it was flowing or not, in the exact same way I guide you to do in the Soul Map.

If it wasn't flowing, I would reflect on how I could make changes there. I would look at whether I needed to let go of things,  create better boundaries, or whether it was time to shift away from something because I had totally been doing it just because it was what was expected of me. 

What I ultimately figured out was:

1. A lot of what I had created or wanted in my life was because it was what I thought "success" or a "good life" looked like, as opposed to what I actually wanted. 

2.  Much of what I was doing was because others had expected it of me... in particular, my family and my friends. 

I know that so many other women have resonated with this. 

One of the most powerful questions to ask ourselves is: "who was I before anyone else today me who to be?"

Using the powerful mindset, spiritual and personal growth tools and perspectives I now teach others, I reignited my energy, regained my confidence and inspiration, and got super clear on who I was and what I wanted in my life. 

I would wake up every day feeling energized and inspired, and fell in love with my daily practice of meditating, journaling and saying my affirmations before starting my busy work day so that I could stay feeling centered, vibrant and happy. 

I was super connected to my intuition and trusted in the universe because things always seemed in flow and my intentions would manifest.  The right friends, mentors, coaches and opportunities always came at the right moment.

For a long time, my soul-practices and the tools that helped me were my own thing.

It was incredible.. but then I got inspired: I really wanted others to be able to experience living this way too. 

So many of us find ourselves stressed out, overwhelmed, disconnected from our intuitions, and lacking a sense of purpose.... but it doesn't have to be that way. I really wanted to help empower other women to have the same transformation I had.

I saw a couple of women online that were doing some of the things I thought were cool, like coaching, or leading retreats, but it seemed so far off from where I was.

For a long time I felt stuck because I couldn't see the future vision clearly, even though I sensed it would happen somehow, or the 29308928 steps that would get me from where I was to where I wanted to be. 

Can you relate to this? This knowing, deep down, your life or career are supposed to be different, but not being sure of all the puzzle pieces of the future vision or knowing the how?

Trust me, you are not alone in this.   If that's the case, your soul is likely guiding you to start a journey too of really connecting with your intuition, learning to trust the universe, and surrendering to the flow. 

This is hard because it's so counter to how many of us approach goals or life milestones, which are built sequentially. 

For example, you want to be a lawyer, you go to school, then you write the LSAT, apply to law school, get hired by a firm, write the bar exam, and get called to the bar.  Very clearly defined steps. 

I used to be very type-A and worked really well with clearly defined steps too, so this was a new edge for me. 

What I eventually learned was that my soul had the map and all of the steps, so instead.... I needed to learn how to let go, listen to my inner guidance, and follow the signs. 

Soon after this, after sitting in meditation one day and seeing this vision of myself a few years down the line, looking so happy and radiant and full of love, I wrote in my journal: 

"Universe, I am ready to connect with my soul. I call upon all of the support and truth of the guides of the highest truth and compassion. I know that I have a purpose.  Please guide me to the next stage of my journey. I am ready to surrender to my soul's path. I am ready to be led."

Once I did that, CRAZY magical things started to happen.

If you are ready to begin your own journey, try writing out that exact same statement in your journal today and see what happens...

Okay, so I got to this point in my life where I implemented everything I learned and was feeling happy, confident and centered each day.

Eventually, however, I started to get these little pieces of a different future vision coming together that consisted of coaching, leading retreats and workshops, and speaking.

I really think this is because our souls are always in a state of evolving and growing, and will always lead us to explore "what's next?" - which can turn into a really fun adventure and game. 

It wasn't clear to me though - I knew there was something about teaching intuition and manifesting, and other stuff that was about women's empowerment and feminine leadership, and something around meditation and journaling too. 

The issue was, all of these things felt very disconnected, and I couldn't figure out  how I would put them all together, or what my first steps in doing so would even look like. 

To add to it, at the time, a lot of this stuff was super out there and "woo." 

My oldest friends and family definitely thought I was nuts when I would talk about the universe, manifesting, and my obsession with meditation or how much time I spent writing in my journal. 

Nevertheless, I trusted that there were people out there who were just like I was when I started to get that feeling that there was more to life.

I could become the guide and coach for them in the way that I wished I had at the time.  

Here I was learning the lesson, as the famous Sufi poet Rumi wrote: "What you seek is seeking you..."

Soon after that, I started to meet people who were feeling this exact way in the most random of places. 

I was on a date at an art gallery, and stood next to another woman at the donut wall (yes, this is a thing), where we started chatting. She was exactly the type of person I had envisioned working with, and as it turned out, she was trying to figure out a career move and was questioning what was next. 

I said I could totally help - and she became my first coaching client. 

I started coaching because I would get into these conversations with strangers (what can I say - I am very friendly), and they would open up with me about where they were at, and then naturally it would turn into a coaching session. 

Since I kept meeting these people in the most random and unexplained ways, I started to trust that the right clients would always come into my life, and they always did. 

This coaching practice then started to take off. In working with so many other women, I realized that they could all really benefit from a daily meditation and journaling practice to help them stay calm and centered, so I decided to teach and promote meditation as well. 

My first inspiration was to start writing about meditation and the myriad of benefits it provides to get the word out there. I then asked a bunch of gyms and other businesses if they would let me teach a meditation workshop. 

The majority  

Luckily, however, I had one barre studio that supported me and let me run my first ever meditation workshop for its members. 

After that, my writing started to get published more widely, and then opportunities flowed to me where I started to get asked to teach meditation workshops in corporate settings. 

This teaching corporate workshops all happened without me trying to "make it happen" or hustle. I was learning to just follow my creative impulses, like to write, and then to trust that from there, all would flow. 

I was meeting so many people during these workshops and in my coaching practice who would all say the same thing: "I wish I had more people in my life who were into this stuff." 

From there, I had the idea to start creating events for women to come together to meet, reflect, journal, meditate, and support each other.  The "Goddess Circle" was born from that place.

I immediately knew the exact space in Toronto I wanted to hold these Circles, and luckily, they agreed to let me use it.  

The next issue was trying to find people to actually show up...

I personally invited every single woman I had met over the years who described that same longing for community and soul sisters, and many showed up. 

I then would invite anyone and everyone who I thought would benefit to come. 

I would invite the woman I sat next too and started to chat with at the nail salon, or would invite entire teams of women from businesses I led meditation workshops for to come and check it out. 

Slowly, but surely, the community grew. 

This is where I learned: "if you build it, they will (eventually) come."  Trust again. 

Then, the following year, I had two of my closest soul sisters reach out a week apart and say: "I keep getting this intuitive feeling we are supposed to run retreats together..."

Sure enough, that's how I started to run retreats. 

The two women I collaborated with had both run retreats for many years, and so it was a natural and easy flow for us to join together.  I was excited about doing what was essentially a week-long women's circle, and hey had a great handle on the logistics already. 

Even more magical than that, they both already had experience leading retreats in Costa Rica, which is what I consider one of my most favourite places and spiritual "homes."  If you haven't been - so excited for you to maybe join on a retreat!

At this point, I was learning: "Trust in the timing." 

I knew for years that I wanted to run retreats, but it didn't feel like the right time and doing it alone felt overwhelming.  When two of my most trusted friends reached out asking to collaborate, it felt like the perfect timing, in the perfect place, and in the perfect way. 

Then, the community of goddesses, also known as the women who I worked with, started to grow and grow.... well beyond Toronto. 

This was partially because I was one time on reality TV, which really expanded my network (that's another story for another day). 

I wanted to figure out a way to work with more women and take them through the work I typically did 1:1, but wherever they were in the world. 

That's how my online courses began. I saw there was a gap in terms of how many people I could help, and where they were... so put all my methods and frameworks together into online courses. 

Women were still having amazing experiences, breakthroughs and life changes in the courses!

I learned to trust that online courses could still create many powerful shifts, and that no matter where we are living around the world, the universe will guide us to the right programs and teachers when we need them.

I am proud to say that the community of women who have experienced these programs are from everywhere from Norway, to California, to Hong Kong. 

While I still personally coach a handful of women each year, the majority of my focus is on supporting women through these online coaching courses, retreats, and circles. 

I share my story as an example of someone who never tried to "hustle" or "make things happen." While I take action, it was always inspired action, meaning that it felt exciting at the time, and came clearly from my intuition. 

Nothing has ever felt forced, and everything has felt in flow, meaning that the people, places, teachers, financial support, and clients have always come in ways that felt totally natural. 

I followed my intuition, said yes to opportunities as they came to me, even if they seemed random, and trusted in the divine timing of everything... even when I totally wished that it would have happened faster. 

I didn't fully know that this way of living was possible until I embodied it myself, and it is magical.  My clients and I always say: "wait whyyyy doesn't everyone live this way?!" This is why I get so lit up to teach other women to live in this way too. 

I call it: "finding the magique."

The pressure is off, you are fully in flow, totally guided by your intuition and inspired action, overflowing with passion, and things happening in ways that feel so magical and synchronistic you can't even believe it. 

Oh, and where everything you can imagine and dream of is possible for you. 

Here's what I can say for sure: by letting go of the control, and allowing my inner voice guide and the universe support.... I ended up in a far more magical position than anything I could have ever imagined. 

My life today is a full dream come true, but also so different than anything I could have imagined when I began this journey. 

I think that's the real beauty - that our soul has way better plans for us if we are willing to trust her. 

Are you ready to let your soul lead? 

If you are, I promise you - you will be led to a life that is so beyond your wildest dreams and expectations. 

Say it with me: "I am ready to let my soul lead the way.  I am ready to begin an epic new chapter full of love, abundance, and all the good things I want for myself in my life. I am declaring that I am worthy of it all. And so it is."