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New Moon Wisdom :: Our Connections in Review

Uncategorized Apr 22, 2020

The new moon is tomorrow in the sign of Taurus. 

Taurus is a sign that is stable and grounded.  Taurus enjoys comfort and luxury, but enjoys these delights methodically. 

Taurus is calculated, and slow builds toward what it wants without any impulsivity or rushing. 

This new moon reminds us that there is no need to rush, that this is a time to slowly build the new foundation you are creating to support the you that you are becoming. 

Taurus tells us to keep tending to our gardens.  Practice our practices.  Focus on what is important and let the rest fall away. 

I am sure that you have been noticing what activities or practices are important and helpful for you right now, and which have fallen away or haven't been resonant. 

Trust the activities that you are being led toward - these are all part of the new foundation that your soul is helping you create. 

What's also interesting right now is that Venus is going retrograde, and already, I've heard of so many of you having your friendships, relationships, or past connections highlighted. 

In this time of social distancing and isolation, a lot of us are seeing clearly the connections in our lives, or having individuals from the past pop back into our lives in unexpected ways. 

Astrology aside, I really think that because a lot of this time isolated is helping souls come into alignment in a greater way, and therefore we are being shown what connections are uplifting and supportive to us, and which aren't.

Similarly, you might have someone from the past continually pop up into your head if there's something significant for you to process about them. 

Do you need to forgive them? Do you need to forgive yourself? 

Venus retrogrades are unfortunately not full of the love and splendour Venus, the planet of love, usually offers us. 

This is a time to review all of your connections - your friendships, relationships, your social media connections, your work connections, etc. and be shown which are here to support your highest good right now, and which you may be out of sync with. 

What I know always feels difficult, because I hear this from nearly every woman I work with, is that when we see that some connections are clearly not on the same page of us, there's a sadness, as well as a fear that we'll be left alone and isolated.

Sometimes the path of being true to yourself can get lonely, because it means that you'll have to disappoint or let go of others, in order to stay true to you.  This is hard work - but on the other side is the true joy from being exactly who you are, in full expression of who you want to be.

In my own journey, I've seen friendships and connections ebb and flow, and have gone through those periods of aloneness or isolation as part of a void-space before new, even more aligned soul connections come in.  

Trust that as you create this space from the connections that no longer feel good for you, that it is all because new soul friends and soulmates are meant to enter eventually.  

For this new moon, consider the types of connections in terms of friendships, loves, mentors, and teachers that you would love to call into your life, and see the direct manifestation of in six months from now (the Taurus Full Moon is on October 31, 2020). 

You may also wish to reflect on:
- What daily practices, routines, and habits are really serving me right now?
- What additional daily, small action to do I want to commit to doing for the next moon cycle (until the next new moon on May 22)? 
- What practices that I thought I would want to do, or thought I would do when I had more time, or usually do when not in isolation have dropped away? 

Happy New Moon! 

Lots of love,