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Our Bodies are Catching up to Our Souls :: How to Support It

Uncategorized May 26, 2020

Have you been feeling super tired lately?

Or foggy headed?

Or had your digestion be off?

There is so much happening right now and our physical bodies, including our nervous systems, are working to adapt. 

From a fun perspective, we are getting into deeper alignment with our souls right now in these quiet spaces we are in.

This is also referred to as having a new level of spiritual awakening. 

We are seeing what aspects of our lives, our ways of being, or patterns are no longer a match for where our soul wants us to expand into. 

Our souls are on a path to pave out a new life for ourselves that is filled with even more love, magic, beauty, and connection. 

Our soul is adaptive, in flow, and always at ease. 

So when big changes happen, our soul is all on board.

Our soul loves to change and experience and grow and evolve.

Our bodies? They are mortal. 

They are very, very human and need time to adapt and change.

As a result, I wanted you to know that it is so, so normal to be going through massive waves of feeling super energized followed by massive crashes where you feel absolutely exhausted despite being so sedentary.

Your body is learning to catch up to the expanded, even more trusting, open, creative, full of joy vibration that your soul is expanding into, and it takes time.

Drink lots of water. 

Rest whenever you can. 

Eat grounding foods as your body requests it (this is to help it ground the influx of new energy or light coming into your body). 

Get curious about the messages that your body is sending you through any ailments.  There is always a message. 

I've been hearing from a lot of you about the different changes in your body in the last month, particularly around your energy levels and digestion, and so wanted to share some of my favourite wellness supports. 

1. The Gut

I used to have really bad stomach issues due to going on antibiotics for a casual three years as a child (to clear up acne... at 8), followed by a not-so-casual triple dose of Accutane before I turned 20. 

This basically ruined my stomach lining, such that eventually my stomach was so extended that I was left looking pregnant all the time. 

Seriously - I worked in a bar and patrons would regularly ask me when I was expecting, and I would have seats given up for me on public transit. 

The things that helped to eventually heal my stomach were:

  1. Probiotics and pre-biotics (interestingly - bananas are one of the best natural sources to get these);
  2. Cutting all wheat and gluten out of my diet (and reading the Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf);
  3.  Lots of warm water in the morning (2 cups hot to one cup cool);
  4. Doing yoga. In particular, the wind-relieving yoga pose (check it out), as well as spinal twists (like this).  There are lots of online yogas available right now.  My teacher, Amica Hilton, is offering two online classes a day for those who enjoy a power/ashtanga style (here); and 
  5. Taking Butrayte, a gut-supporting supplement (my favourite one ever here). 

In addition, our gut corresponds to our manipura, or power, chakra. 

From a chakra perspective, you would look at ways that you can exercise more discipline, confidence, or belief in your power. 

Affirmations like: "I am capable of handling any and all challenges" and "Anything I want for myself in my life is possible"

On a more practical level, it relates to what we are, or are not, digesting in our lives. 

Maybe you still have a little more unpacking to do of recent events, or maybe your system is trying so hard to digest everything that it's working in overdrive. 

2. The Mind

If you have been feeling foggy-headed, first take a look at whether you have been getting sufficient water and fats.

Your brain is made up of 75% water, with the remaining being fat.

If you haven't been getting enough of either, your brain will reflect this. 

This is why I lot of people love taking Omega 3s, but personally I never find they go down the right way.

Instead, I wanted to share my favourite mind supplement ever: Alpha Lipoic Acid. 

It basically feels like it lifts the film off of your mind in the morning and is a dream. 

It's also a great supplement to take after you've had any wine or alcohol because it helps to cleanse the blood and move out toxins - it has saved me from lots of brain-fogged mornings. 

Lastly, meditation and journaling, my favourite one-two-punch are incredible for helping to clear through mental fog.

I hope that these tips support you. 

For more information about the mind-body connection, check out Louise Hay "You Can Heal Your Life" or "Eastern Body, Western Mind" by Anodea Judith.




Self Reflection Journal Exercise

1. What messages has my body been sharing with me?

2. Place your hands, or focus your energy on this part of your body, and then ask it: what are you trying to tell me?