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You are not for everyone: embrace your flavour!

Uncategorized Dec 09, 2020

Your authentic self.  The true you.  

You are unique. 

And that, inevitably, will mean that the more that you are being and embodying your truest self, the more that you will call in the law of strong attraction and strong repulsion. 

This means that the more that you are strongly standing in the current of who you are, the more that you will strongly attract toward you those who connect with you, and strongly repel those who you are not meant to connect with. 

And still - you should shine anyway.  

Choose to be you anyway. 

Some people are going to love and connect with you, and some people aren't.

This is all okay. 

Have the courage to be disliked so that you can receive the true, unabashed love that comes from people getting the gift of knowing and connecting with your authentic self. 

Notice as you become more and more of you who you really are (who you were before anyone else told you who to be), who comes around, and who starts to push away.

The best metaphor I've come across for this is to think about ice cream flavours.

I made you a 3 minute video explaining this that you can watch if you want here. 

This idea is this: you are a unique flavour, and some people's flavour preferences just aren't that flavour.

For me, I absolutely love cotton candy. 

If I get ice cream, I'll get cotton candy because I love it. 

It's a unique flavour, and definitely not for everyone, but I absolutely love it. 

If I were a flavour, I might be cotton candy then, and that flavour colours who I am, in addition to my programs, coaching and retreats. 

Some people absolutely love that flavour, and some people don't. But the flavour remains the same. I stay true to me.

If I, cotton candy flavour, tried to be mint chocolate chip or caramel it would turn into this weird, minty sweet, situation that most people would find strange.

They would've wished the flavours just remained as they were, instead of trying to tone it down, or be a different flavour that it just isn't meant to be. 

And the other cotton candy enthusiasts would wonder where the pinks and blues they enjoy, and unique sweetness went. 

You see?

What flavour are you?

Have you seen, perhaps recently, that some people just don't prefer that flavour, and some do?

Maybe you've seen it with people at work, or people you're dating, your in-law or anyone else in your life. 

I've been hearing so many stories in the last couple of weeks around this. 

Clients who are starting to start businesses and getting locked into comparison with someone else who offers the same programs but in a different flavour.

Friends who are adjusting and navigating blending family and friends with their partner, and not always connecting in the same ways. 

Women who are dating and taking rejections personally.

This is okay. 

In fact, it's great, because it means that you are embracing the unique, special flavour that you are and that means that it's strong enough in its essence that some people have simply chosen that they don't prefer that flavour. 

Keep being you anyway. 

Accept and own the flavour that you are. 

Become an even more delicious version of that flavour. 

Don't let the fear of not being liked stop you from the joy of being you. 

Don't tone down your flavour. 

Do not deem your flavour too much.  

You are perfect just as you are. Magnificent, just by being you. 

Sending you lots of love tonight. 

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And... I know that many of you have been wondering when the next Circle is

December 21, 2020 we will have our FINAL YEAR IN REVIEW circle of 2020, which will be themed around helping you to reflect and digest the year. 

You'll also see that I've added an option to get the end-of-year reflection guide and meditation. 


Wishing you a happy and healthy week ahead...