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Uncategorized Oct 07, 2018

Its the new moon in Libra tonight.  As you know, at new moons we take time to go inward, take a pause, and set new intentions. 

Libra is a sign that heavily explores relationships, balance and justice. 

But I want to talk about relationships.

We learn so much by the people that come into our lives, as each are sent for a divine purpose to mirror back to us ourselves. 

Our most important is ultimately our relationship with ourself.  No matter how deep we are on our path, there is no better mirror for how deeply we are loving ourselves, where we need to heal, or where we are being called to step into our greatness than to have it mirrored back by another. 

How we relate to another shows us how we relate to ourselves

Where we shut others out shows us where we shut down parts of ourselves.  Where we shrink around others shows us where we have shut down parts of ourselves. 

Similarly, when we are in the presence of someone that we admire or look up to, we are merely being shown with a part of ourself that is being called to step into our own greatness in a further way.  Their beauty, power, or influence mirrors back of our own. 

It's a beautiful reflection to look at all the connections that are presently in your life and to evaluate why you think that your soul called them in.  What are they teaching you?

If you're in a period of hustle - are you calling in people who love to have fun and take it easy? They have a lesson for you. 

Similarly, are your co-workers highly critical of you? They may have a lesson about learning to cultivate greater compassion for yourself or to speak up more. 

In dating, are you attracting in emotionally unavailable men? If so, then its time to look at your own heart, sister, and figure out what part of you still isn't fully open to love. 

I have been pretty vocal about the fact that a ton of my growth, healing and expansion has come through relationships, to the point that one day I want to write a book all about it, so I'll save those stories for another day. 

By relationships I don't just mean romantic relationships. I mean all of our relationships  - friendships, co-workers, family members, or those who you have met only in fleeting moments. 

Each new connection been brought as a teacher from the universe, so the question is - how are you showing up? Are you allowing them to teach you, and you them, or are you shutting down?

With this new moon, take some time to reflect on your most important relationships.

I've written out some questions for my e-mail newsletter. If you want to get that, sign up for my mailing list below, but the key here is to look at how all of your relationships are working - from friendships, to work, to dating or partnership - and then set intentions around the ones that might need some work to make them more harmonious going forward. 

By the time that the Libra full moon comes to us in six months, how do you want to be feeling and showing up in your most important relationships?

Further reading on this new moon can be found on my favourite moon cycle website, Mystic Mamma, here.