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Uncategorized Oct 16, 2018

If you know much of my story, you know that I've flipped my world upside down a few times and been left with my confidence shaken, my light diminished, and clarity nowhere in sight (the smoke).  

I now have six week action plan that I lead myself through whenever this happens, and it works.  I've now created an online group coaching program that's based on everything I've learned and implemented. 

Enrolment will be opening on October 23, 2018 and closing November 4, 2018, so get ready!!!  I am so excited that I could explode. 

In the meantime, I wanted to help you out by sending out a few videos over the next week designed to help you start to connect with the goddess in YOU.

Remember from my last e-mail that the goddess version of you is just the best, most empowered, most radiant, most bad-ass version of you.  If you've lost touch with her, then its time to come back home. You can get more information about the program by clicking here.

In the meantime, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How in touch with you are you with your intuition or inner voice?

  2. How connected do you feel to the universe? Do you feel that you are guided and supported?

  3. How taken care of are you feeling? How nourished are you feeling through your self-care practices? Have you been pushing too much without giving enough time to take care of yourself?

  4. Have you been expressing your creativity? Have you been feeling called in any way to express yourself creatively?

  5. How turned on do you feel, in general? Do you feel connected to your sex drive or has it waned? How in touch with the pleasures of daily life are you? Are you out of balance in terms of your attachment to other forms of pleasure like over-eating, drinking, or seeking attention?

  6. Do you have a clear vision of the best, most radiant version of yourself? Are you actively becoming her?

  7. Are you in transition, or do you feel like you are about to be in one? Are you clear what’s on the other side of this transition?

  8. How often do you take time where you simply follow your heart’s desire and do whatever you feel like?

  9. Do you feel that there are toxic people in your life that you need to let go of? Why haven’t you released them yet?

  10. Is there an ex that you keep on thinking about? Are you ready to let them go?

  11. Are there friends that you feel like you’ve outgrown? Are you ready to let them go or are you scared?

  12. Do you give too much to others at the expense of your own? What tends to get you out of balance and causes you to give too much?

  13. We all have an inner troll/mean girl/saboteur. Is this voice of limiting beliefs, self doubt and fear loud right now or do you feel like you have learned to allow the softer, more gentle, loving and wise voice within you guide your daily actions?

  14. What was the last “smackdown” you got, where the universe was giving you a clear message that it was time to make a change? It may have been an issue at work, a fight, a break-up, or a health scare.

  15. Are you ready to end 2019 strong, like the radiant effing goddess you are?

Stay tuned. I hope you’ll join me!