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Uncategorized Feb 24, 2018

The universe is always speaking to us, it’s just whether we are actually listening or not.

How does the universe speak to you? Are you listening?

There are a number of ways that the universe and your inner guide (the deep, knowing voice within you) will speak to you.  Maybe it’s through seeing different visual signs with the exact message or image you needed to see, or a conversation with someone who provides the exact insight you need, or maybe it’s a nudge to reach out to a person, or that “tug tug” feeling to apply to write for a blog.  Whatever it is, it’s when we are following these nudges and signs that life starts to feel magical.

The reason why life feels magical is because things are in complete flow.  When we are in flow, things seem easy.  It seems like everything is conspiring in our favour to make our dreams happen.  In this state, the next step is clearly laid out for you, and you just need to say yes.  You meet the exact person at the exact moment that you need to.  The money that you need is provided right in the moment that you need it.  As a result, things feel like they are unfolding in one magical flow, and you are simply paying attention and acting on the puzzle pieces until you learn where they are all leading.  This is the beauty of the journey – all of the nudge nudges and hints and signs telling you where to go next in order to make your vision come true.  

If you feel that you’ve gotten out of the flow, ask the universe to show itself to you.  

Ask for signs.  Ask for the answer that you need.  Be specific about what you are seeking clarity and guidance on right now.  

Many of you know that the sign that I look for, to know I’m on path, is a rubber ducky.  It’s a completely random object, which is why I chose it.  Sure enough, every time I am travelling for something work related, I see a rubber ducky.  On my most recent trip to LA, I couldn’t keep up with all the rubber duckies I was seeing, which indicated to me that I had made the right move in choosing to go on that trip and join a business group that meets there.

You might ask the universe to show you that you’re still on path, or to you show you what your right next move is.  After you do this, your job is to pay attention to the signs.  Pay attention to your body’s cues about where it’s nudging you to go.  Pay attention to the conversations that you are having or the people around you.  Pay attention to the things you feel called to research or look into.   Trust that these are all the gentle winks from the universe, showing you, helping you, and guiding you to make whatever it is you desire come to fruition.

This doesn't have to mean that the Universe is going to show itself to you in the most epic, life changing way.   Often the Universe will show itself to you in some seemingly random moments where you feel "okay, yes. I am exactly on path."

The other weekend I sought guidance on what I needed to do next in my business.  A day later, I got this nudge: “Update your website with testimonials.  Go work at the coffee shop on Queen.”  What an interesting message, I thought.  I sat down at the coffee shop to work with my laptop, when a guy across from me sat down.  He asked me what I was working on and I replied that I was updating my website to have testimonials.  As it turned out, he is a marketer and used to work for massive companies doing their testimonials pages.  He was exactly the person I needed to meet at the exact moment that I needed to meet him.  

As he went to pull up my website on his computer, a woman walked by.  She saw my website and recognized my picture because she had been following along on my social media.  She is a break-up coach that works with men in the 30s after they have gotten divorced to learn how to navigate that heartbreak.  “I knew I would run into you eventually!” she said.  We were able to connect, and it was amazing we met because we both coach individuals going through transitions, but have different niches.

Those two nudge-nudges, first to add testimonials to my website, and then to work at a particular coffee shop, at a particular time, led to me getting expert feedback on how to update my website for free, two new friends and connections, and someone steadily referring me new clients. Had I not followed the nudges, I would have been without the support, guidance and connection that I needed in order to help me on this next stage of my journey.

Follow the nudges. Follow the signs.  They are always leading you to exactly where you need to be.