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Storytime Part 2

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2020

The next story I want to share is actually not from a smackdown at all, but its about how I learned about astrology and how it helped give me way more awareness about what my soul came here to do. 

This is why I dedicate a whole module in Soul School to astrology. It is SO much more than our horoscopes!

(Although - fun fact - the one time that I put my hand up in a University lecture hall was when the professor told us that astrology wasn't real and I politely disagreed). 

This was a few years after I had begun meditating, had broken up with that guy, and was flowing in my own spiritual path feeling a lot of positive vibes and overall goodness most days. 

It was at a point in my life when I was single, and very much into exploring who I was and what the vision of my life was going to look like.

During that time, I was pretty much saying yes to everything. 

A friend invited me to her wedding in Vietnam, and I said YES.

It was there that I tagged on a Bali trip, where I met a great yoga instructor who was also an astrologer. 

I had let go of my love of astrology at that time because horoscopes stopped resonating years before, but I kept getting a nudge to have a session with him.

I had the session, and in doing so, learned all about something called vedic astrology, which is usually astrology to understand your soul's path.

This framework helps you to affirm your life path, your soul lessons, and why your soul is here.

Our session was soooo illuminating and so validating to some of the things I had been feeling!

You know what they say - "when the student is ready, the teacher appears." and learning about astrology during that time was just what Dr. Universe ordered. 

I found out what my sun, moon, rising sign and venus signs meant, and what that meant in terms of...

- the work that I was here to do (help other souls transform themselves and their lives - to live a soul-aligned life - Scorpio path)

- about how I loved (passionately, deeply, and so that it was better for me to wait for a partner who could meet that - Scorpio path again)

- about how to best practice self-care and what my past lives likely entailed  (many lifetimes of being in law, which explained why I went right to it in this lifetime so young, but wasn't meant to do it that long in this one, and why I have a mild obsession with schedules and structure - Capricorn)

- about how others perceive me that is different from how I actually am (through your rising), and why my soul would choose that

- about what times of the year are potent to launch new projects or make big changes, or might be really emotional (by following the moon cycles in the context of my astrology chart).


Does this sound like stuff you're dying to know more about?

I deep dove into all of this stuff and it was sooo clarifying. 

I've launched all products or made big decisions around the moon cycles. It also help me build relationships, utilize my strengths and understand my weaknesses, and understand how to better practice self-care and create boundaries for myself.

Now I'm here to teach you!

Sounds cool right?

It is!