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Storytime Part 3

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2020

You deserve to feel lit up and excited about life every day.

You deserve to crank up the vibrancy of who you are.

You deserve to live with ease, joy, and with a deep inner knowing that the universe and spirit are guiding and supporting you.

There's a line from the metaphysical text a Course in Miracles that says:

"The presence of fear is a sure sign that you are trusting in your own strength. The awareness that there is nothing to fear shows that somewhere in your mind... you have remembered [the Universe], and [are willing to let the trust in that] take the place of your weakness. The instant you are willing to do this there is indeed nothing to fear.“

It's one of my favourite lessons.  A Course in Miracles is a spiritual text that has been a rock and guidepost to me, and its lessons are always potent. 

The simple idea is this - we can choose to believe that we're out here, slogging away, trying to make everything happen for us, and that life is inherently scary and full of scarcity.  

We can choose fear - or we can choose love. 

In choosing love, we can choose to remember that there's a whole universal force supporting us, guiding us, making things happen for us, and loving upon us each day.

Anytime that I'm getting freaked out about whether an opportunity will still flow, or whether I'll be okay, or whether the abundance in my life will suddenly dry up and I'll be left destitute and alone (you know...casual, light thoughts) I always remind myself of this: there is nothing to fear.

The tree is not afraid it won't get enough water.  The moon is not afraid it won't know how to become full.

There is a whole spiritual team and universal force supporting me, and you, in the same way that the flowers are being supported to grow and the sun is in flow to rise and set each night. 

The issue isn't whether this exists or not - the issue is that we often forget that this is how this universe works. 

If you're ready to live with even more joy, ease, and trust in the universe, by learning all of the foundational practices to help you begin a  spiritual journey, then this is your moment to dive in completely.

What's the worst that could happen?

Final storytime from this series - how these practices from soul school work in action...

Today's story is about how every day works over here.  Any time I am feeling any sense of fear, worry, or like I'm lacking something.  I turn it over to spirit.

Sure, my spiritual practices keep me connected to my authentic self and to feel at peace and excited about life, but my deepest spiritual connection comes from chatting with the universe on the DAILY.

Every day there is probably a moment I catch myself in some type of fear or worry - sometimes small ones like being worried that I'm going to be late for something, and sometimes bigger ones like if I'm healthy, if my relationships are too good to be true, or if my business will suddenly dry up. 

In each moment - my spiritual connection allows me to notice that I've gotten caught in my own drama, to laugh at the ego, pause, and recommit to trusting and believing in the support of the universe.

In those moments, I'll say "universe, help me to release this fear.  Help me to return to love.  Help show me the love that is around me today." 

From there, I swear to G, a miracle occurs.

My thoughts will lift.  I will have some magical encounter, or a random opportunity will flow into my inbox, or the subway will be extra speedy and I'll make up the time I lost so as to get there on time. 

It's just a different way of living - a way where you're in daily communication with the universe as if you two are best buds, and that this bud is always helping you to remember your greatness, that everything is okay, and everything's always working out for the best.