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The Four Elements of Nature :: Helping Us Integrate

Uncategorized May 26, 2020

Hi Lovely,

Last week at the online goddess circle we were theming on our connection to the earth, and how we can look to nature right now to help ourselves find more balance and to integrate all of the changes from the last month. 

I loved this framework so much and wanted to share it with those of you who couldn't make it.

There are four elements: earth, air, fire and water. 

These elements are reflected in astrology as well; there are earth, air, fire and water signs.

Depending on what your sun, moon, and ascendant signs are, you may be generally more connected to one of the elements.

For example, the Scorpios feel great diving into the emotional depths of water, the Capricorns need to have the grounding structure of work to feel motivated and inspired, and the Aries signs need to physically move through that hot and spicy energy they feel more than others.

Regardless of our natural tendencies, right now, our compositions have all been shaken up and are different. 

We are spending more time indoors, and even though we are adjusting to new routines, we are still in a place of trying to integrate all of the changes that have happened over the last month. 

After any big changes, there is always a need for a period of integration for everything to come together. 

So I channelled this exercise for you to intuitively see how you might help yourself integrate all the changes in your life by using nature as a teacher. 

Okay, lets begin...

First, close your eyes and imagine yourself out in nature...

Imagine a memory from the past of a time where you felt really at peace, and really at ease.

What memory arises?

What element (air, fire, earth, or water) is in the image? 

This is what element your soul is calling for more of right now. 

Okay, next one...

Ask yourself, what does my body need more of right now? 

What's your answer? 

More fresh air or a fast? (Air)

More HITT or vigorous movement? (Fire)

More water or baths? (Water)

More hikes or time in nature? (Earth)

This is what your physical body is calling for more of right now.

Now you have an understanding of what elements will help to support your body and soul in integrating the recent changes in your life. 

Over the next while, see how you can continue to support your physical body and soul with these elements until you start to feel really whole, really integrated, and really vibrant again. 

For me, I've been needing a ton of air both for my soul and my physical body.

I'm spending time running outdoors, taking big, deep breaths when I can, and doing longer fasts to help my physical body integrate. 

For my soul, I'm helping stimulate air elements by spending more time reading  new ideas and taking time to imagine new possibilities for what the future could look like.

I hope this framework is helpful for you. 

Mama nature is such a teacher, and she always has such medicine for us!

Lots of love,



Self Reflection Journal Exercise

1. What elements - earth, air, fire, or water am I feeling most connected to right now?

2. What elements do I naturally feel a connection to?

3. When I imagine myself in nature right now, where do I picture myself?

4. Based upon what element I feel most connected to, or where I saw myself in meditation, how can I make sure I connect more deeply with this element moving forward?