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The Most Important Lesson My Mentor Taught Me

Uncategorized Aug 06, 2020

The first time I met one of my mentors I was blown away by one thing: she lit up a room.


She was so open-hearted, so joyful, vibrated with such positive and radiant energy, and made everyone feel so seen.

She used to work in management consulting for years, and then shifted into high level life coaching and retreats. 

She had four young children at home, a thriving career she truly designed for herself when the personal development industry was just evolving, and an enviable yoga practice and commitment to her own self-care. 

"Who IS this woman?!" I thought. 

Lindsay - as I later found out was her name - has taught me a lot. 

I believe that she stepped into my life at a time when I needed someone to help guide me to the next level of my life.

You see, at the time, I was already getting these little nudges that there was some more meant to happen in my life, and that a shift was upon me. 

While sitting at my desk as a lawyer, I would get little ideas of the future life that I dreamed of.  The issue was, I didn't know anyone around me who actually lived that way so didn't know if it was actually possible. 

In that sense, I was in that in-between stage of feeling like the universe was giving me signs and my soul was leading me to something new, but not totally sure.

Lindsay catapulted into my life as living proof that:

...Yes, all of the things I wanted were possible and that I wasn't crazy

...That me staying small served no one and it's totally okay to want more

...That life doesn't have to feel hard, and can actually feel blissful and in flow almost all the time.

I really believe that at the time that we need them, certain guides or mentors come into our lives to help us. 

We can do it all alone, or we can allow ourselves to be supported by someone who has done what we want before, or has new perspectives we need and has been divinely guided into our paths to help us.

If you're here, I might be the guide for you, and I am so, so excited about that!

So to begin, I wanted to share three of my favourite words of wisdom Lindsay has shared with me over the years so that they might help you too:

1. What if it's easy?

Sometimes we think that making changes in our life, or having a big dream or goal be realized it has to be hard. Our minds often go to the worst-case scenario. 

Lindsay has continually taught me to adopt the perspective of: "but what if it's easy?"

What I've learned in adopting this is that when we are connected to our soul's voice, or intuition, and let ourselves be guided by the universe - things actually do flow really easily. Often in magical and synchronistic ways we couldn't have imagined.

2. When it's time for the egg to drop, it'll drop

I had to learn a lot about patience over the years.

I had this beautiful vision of where I wanted to be, and some parts of it I wanted to have happen right away (like my big love - I waited a longgg time for that), and some parts I wanted to happen but knew it wasn't time for yet. 

For example, when it came to me transitioning from law to coaching, I would feel conflicted. 

In some ways I "should" have left law way earlier than I did since I knew what I wanted to do next, but it didn't feel right. What did feel right was to practice law and coach for several years. 

Lindsay reminded me that everything will happen when it's meant to happen, and when the timing comes, it feel undeniable.  

She reminded me that just like a woman pregnant with a baby or a bird about to drop an egg, our lives are our creations, and when it's time for something to happen, it will be undeniable.  

This proved true when it came to the moment I decided to do this work full time and say goodbye to law, and the moment I met my soulmate, and many other small instances along the way.


3. Shine on!

This is my favourite advice.  Lindsay taught me time and time again to not be afraid to shine because of the fear that it might make others feel bad. 

So often as women we keep ourselves small or don't rise into all of our power for the fear of being "too much" or what other people will think. 

But us being in all of our power, shining from the inside out, and sharing that love and joy with others is one of the most positive things we can do for ourselves and others. 

Why deny yourself of feeling amazing and living a life you truly love?

While some people may feel a little bit blinded by the light, that's their own stuff, and far more people will feel inspired and uplifted. 

Shine on, sister. 

Which brings me to you, my new friend...

If you are so ready to feel vibrant, connected to yourself, and truly shine...

And also are ready to design a life you really love then...

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