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The Origin of Mother's Day :: A Day of Celebration

Uncategorized May 26, 2020

Hey Lovely,

Happy Mother's Day!

Did you know that Mother's Day was created by a woman named Ann Jarvis in 1908 after her mother passed away?

She championed to create the day, and then get it on the national calendar, arguing that the calendar was reflective only of male achievements, and she wanted one that celebrated women. 

Ann Jarvis, herself, never got married or had children herself.  She was just an everyday badass living her own life, advocating for women, and the freedom of choice to be who you are. 

Mother's Day became a national calendar day in 1914, and quickly became very commercialized.

Ann Jarvis ended up getting so incensed with the commercialization of the holiday that she spent the rest of her life trying to get the day changed.

Fascinating, isn't it?

Let's do Ann a favour and honour this day as a way to acknowledge and revere all women of past and present who have sacrificed themselves in some way in order to help nurture and innovate our society. 

She wanted us to remember this day as one to honour the myriad of achievements that women have in their lifetimes, whether they choose to have children or not. 

Let's honour our ancestral lines, and the mothers that raised us, by acknowledging them for all of their lessons and all of their love. 

Your soul chose to have the mother you had, and had a unique reason of why you chose her. 

While mother daughter relationships can be complicated, they are also sources of some of our most profound teachings.

Our mothers are the first place we learn about being a woman, our bodies, and our sources of nourishment. 

For all the mothers out there right now, I love you.  

For all the women out there really wishing to be mothers but facing roadblocks to get there, I love you.

For all the women who wish not have children, but continue to nurture and love on this world in beautiful ways, I love you. 

For all the women who experienced the bliss of an unbreakable and loving bond with their mothers, I love you.

For all the women who have difficult, pained, or non-existent relationships with their mothers, I love you. 

May we remember that the true mother of all is the source of it all. 

May we remember the nourishment and nurturing we are all always able to receive from mother earth. 

May you remember that no one will ever be able to mother you better than you mother yourself. 

May you find ways, beginning today, to love yourself as deeply, as fiercely, and as unconditionally as the cosmic mother of all things already does of you. 

You are so, so loved.




Self Reflection Journal Exercise

1. What are you grateful for about your mother?

2. What lessons have you learned from your mother?

3. What was your mother's relationship like to her body, friends, hobbies, and money?

4. How might any of her patterns have affected your own?

5. Why do you think that your soul chose your mom as your mom in this lifetime?

6. What do you love to nurture in your life?