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The self-love mantras you didn't know you needed

Uncategorized May 26, 2020

Hey Lovely,

Mantras are one of my favourite tools to stay connected and centred, and so today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite mantras so you can feel the power of them too. 

All you have to do is read along below and repeat the mantras in your head or out loud.

Take a big breath in.  Let it out. 

Let's begin...

I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

I am learning to deeply and completely love and accept myself.

I am gentle.  

I am practicing gentleness with myself and with others. 

Compassion is my natural state.  I allow myself to return back to a place of love.

I inspire those around me.

I allow my true self to flourish.

I appreciate and acknowledge all of me.

I find freedom the more freely that I communicate, and the more openly I express my needs.

My vulnerability is safe and powerful.

I am beautiful.

I shine from the inside out.

I am humble and proud.

I wake up every day with new energy and inspiration. 

I allow myself to flourish.

I am letting go of my past.

The more that I let go, the more I can trust in the support of the universe.

The entire power of the cosmos dwells within me. 

Success is my birthright. Abundance flows to me.

Prosperity flows to me.

Anything I want for myself in my life is possible.

I am the powerful creator of my life.

The universe will always provide for me. I am always taken care of.

Everything is happening in perfect timing - there is no need to rush.

I always attract in people who support my highest growth and good. 

I am learning to have the courage to speak my truth.

I am peace. 

I feel full of life. I am perfect health.

I am safe, divinely guided, and always protected.

I am lovely.

I am worthy. 

Breathe it in.  Let it out.

If you want, you can add music now.  Press play on this song: 

Stay there.  Breathe it in. Let it out. 

You deserve all the things - a beautiful connection to yourself, to feel overflowing with love and abundance, to create a career and life you love, and to have an epic partnership supporting you.




Self Reflection Journal Exercise

1. What are 10 things I really appreciate about myself?

2. Which of these mantras do I want to say to myself each day for the next week?