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True Love is Not for the Faint of Heart

Uncategorized Oct 07, 2020

I was going for a walk tonight after spending a long time with a lawyer as I try and figure out the best option for making my business and visa requirements work.  This is the growth for me right now. 

Having to consult with lawyers and accountants and navigate regulations, visas and international laws in the middle of a contentious climate is new territory for me. 

But then I was reminded - it's always growth. 

We are always required growth. 

We will always find our ways to exactly what it is that we want... but growth is required. 

The universe will ask us to face new fears, uncertainty, step into our power, release past identities, and all the while... trust, trust trust. 

In this case, I dreamed a dream that I wanted to be living in NYC, Toronto and Costa Rica. 

While that's happened, I've also been pushed to grow in big ways along the way. I grieved letting go of my life in Toronto as I knew it, and the future plans I thought I would have there. I grieved the comfort of it, and grieved being further away from the people closest to me. 

And now I've been growing more with it as I navigate the very practical and legal implications of choosing a life that's outside of the norm. 

Love is no different. 

To have true love show up in our lives, growth will be required. 

I wish I had known this sooner. 

I learned about manifestation and the law of attraction when I was 16.  I get manifestation, and in fact, I honestly do think I am a master at it.  I can teach you, without a doubt, how to manifest the perfect people for you to date, the perfect dates, and how to call in the perfect person for you.

But none of it matters unless you've done the deeper work to be able to receive that and keep that love in your life. 

It doesn't matter if it manifests unless you've cleared space in your heart to be loved in that way. 

Take it from someone who manifested time and time again people who checked every box on their manifestation "list" - there was deeper work to do. 

At the beginning of 2019, I declared to the universe that I was ready, willing and open for a big love to enter my life. 

I was clear on who I wanted to call in, and what I wanted my partnership to be. 

And know what the universe did?

It sent me on the wildest four month journey to deeply heal, shift, and grow in ways that would stretch and expand my heart so incredibly that I, now only looking back, could finally be ready for my big love to enter my life. 

This was the process that combined deeper subconscious and soul work, deeper healing of core wounds like fear of rejection or being alone, learning how to let go more fully, clearing through and healing every single romantic connection I had previously had... 

Plus then this whole wild physical journey I went on that required a lot of movement and meditation to shift the intense surges of energy that literally made my heart feel like it was cracking open. 

But you know what happened on the other side of that four month journey...?

I felt so vibrant. renewed. clear.  open. joyful. ready for anything. trusting. 

Know what also happened from that place?

I met my number two.  And he taught me about learning how to love someone unconditionally and not asking anything in return, and gave me a final opportunity to practice how to own my standards and walk away with grace.

And you know what happened the weekend after I did that?

Chris told me he was booking a flight to Toronto for us to meet, and three weeks later, the dial of the vibrancy and colour in my life turned up about 15 shades brighter by the presence of a love like that in my life. 

I'll share more about this story of meeting Chris later - tonight is about the growth.

Even with having taught manifestation for 5 years at the beginning of 2019 when I declared I was ready for my big love, there was still a lot I needed to learn. 

I needed to learn how to do the deeper healing and growth work as it applies to love... 

And that's what became this course.

I went through and was guided to learn this process so i could teach it to others. 

Especially for others ready to go deep, and especially for others who already know about manifesting.

This course has now helped other women to shift the blocks in their heart, to approach the manifestation process from this deeper level... and then from doing that deeper, sometime gnarly, sometimes uncomfortable work... 

Did call in their big loves too. 

Deeper work can be hard.  It can be kind of intense... and emotional.  But it's also deeply healing. Cathartic.  Enlightening. Shifting.

It's the type of work that makes true, lasting change. 

This is the type of work where it's helpful to have a guide that already knows the process, has done it, and has successfully led others through it too.

This is the type of work that it's helpful to have a community supporting and shifting around you to do too.

Remember - true love is not for the faint of heart.  It's for those who have the willingness and openness to do the deep work to open their hearts deeply enough to experience it. 

I know you are that person. 

It's time to do the work.