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What changes has your heart been yearning for?

Uncategorized Jul 28, 2020

Big virtual hug to you tonight!

I just wanted you to know that I'm really glad to be here connecting with you tonight. 

I read these words a few days ago and they really hit me with their simplicity and wanted to share with you. 

"What changes has your heart been yearning for?"

As you read that... take a moment and consider it. 

What changes has your heart been yearning for?

Based on this, two simple questions for tonight are:

1. What changes has your heart been yearning for lately?

2. What can you do to honour that?

Our heart always knows the changes that it wants to make, or may sense those that are to come, even if it doesn't know when or how those changes will come. 

I've still been kind of amazed at how I knew deep down that a change in my living situation was going to happen, far before I knew these changes would transpire. 

It was back in November 2018.  I had finally left law, and was in Costa Rica leading a retreat.

Without the tethering of my firm, my heart start to call loudly for a change in my living situation. 

I wasn't really clear on what it would look like. 

Instead, it was around that time that I felt myself being really drawn to spend time in New York, and to continue to extend my time in Costa Rica after retreats ended.

I let myself tune into that heart's yearning to reformulate my living situation, and even though I had no idea the "how" or even what it would look like, I just took it step by step. 

The answer to "what would it look like to honour that yearning?" was often different.

Sometimes it meant honouring a calling to book a trip with no plans, and sometimes it meant sitting in contemplation about what, exactly, I felt like I had outgrown in my living situation as it was. 

Over time, clarity came that my heart was yearning to live some combination of Toronto, NYC and Costa Rica because each holds a different facet of myself. 

I had no idea the "how" of how this would happen, nor did I have any idea of what this combination might look like.

Again, I let it unfold. 

What would honouring this yearning look like now? And now? And now?

Fast forward to now, and that living situation became my reality, which feels so aligned right now. 

I wouldn't have guessed that I would be primarily rooted in NYC at this point, but see why my heart yearns to be here the most right now. 

I am sure that over time, the rooting might change again, and I'll trust in that too.

But it all begins with a listening and an honouring. 

What changes has your heart been yearning for?