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Why eclipse season is the perfect time for a new beginning

Uncategorized Jul 03, 2020

We are in "eclipse season", which means that we are in a period of time where what's happening in our lives, both individually and collectively, is more charged than usual.

The first eclipse was June 6, the second was yesterday, and then next will be on July 6, with the final on November 30. 

This series of eclipses along this particular axis began on July 13, 2018, so I want you to start to think of what theme, or rumbling, began occurring then that might be tied to what is happening now.

We also just had a new moon in Cancer on Saturday and will actually have another new moon in the same sign come July.  

As you may know, I love to use astrology and moon cycles to help give a different perspective and understanding to the themes we may experience collectively and individually during certain transits.

Eclipses aren't scary; I love them because they are more intense than our usual moon cycles so they tend to more clearly mark new beginnings or endings.

For example, on July 11, 2018, two days before the eclipse, I gave notice to my firm that I was leaving law.  Clear ending and a new beginning.  

On January 8, 2020 two days after the January eclipse, I cried at the final in-person Circle as it became clear to me that I was being guided away from Toronto, and that I was complete in leading in-person Circles. 

This month, aside from these eclipses highlighting deeper anti-racism work to step into, this time has helped me learn how to navigate immigration laws when I've been guided to be in the US so much right now. 

Knowing this, I can now surrender more into spending all this time here, trusting its where I'm supposed to be. 

See what I mean around themes of endings or beginnings?

How is that playing out for you?

As my favourite astrologer, Chani Nicholas, writes: "Eclipses are pattern setting times....Eclipses act like exposes, unveiling what has been relegated to the shadows of our personal and collective lives.  They set things in motion and mark moments where a longstanding issue breaks through to the conscious awareness of an individual, the collective, or both. Eclipses activate events that are already occurring." 

In other words, eclipses amplify or make clear what needs to be seen.

Thinking back to June 6 and this past weekend, what has been made clear to you?

What does that mean in terms of a new beginning or chapter you can start, or the closing of a chapter?

Thinking back to July 13, 2018, is there any relation between what was beginning for you then, versus what is unfolding now? 

Since we also are in cancer season, which centres around how we care for ourselves, and for others, how are you being asked to care for your community in a greater way?

This is a really powerful time for you to begin to chart a new beginning for yourself, by seeing what your own life has been showing you about what is ready to be transformed. 

Another fun thing you could do is to create a digital vision board by collecting photos from the internet that inspire you, can making that the background of your phone. 

If you do that, show me! I love seeing vision boards.  They are always so neat.