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Your True Love is You

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day to the greatest love you will ever know: YOU.


Today is a day to recognize, celebrate, and love up on yourself, Queen.


Remember that from that place of deep self-acknowledgement, appreciation, kindness, and love, all things are possible.


We teach others how to treat us by how we treat ourselves.


It's from that same place that when it's divinely orchestrated, you will recognize and call in partners and friends who will treat you with the same love, kindness and care that you treat yourself with.


You will gently release the connections and friendships that don't treat you with the same love, kindness and care that you treat yourself with.


I remember reading these words by Elizabeth Gilbert describing her partner at the time and they really struck me: "He treats me like I treat me."


She wrote: “He’ll pour me a glass of wine and say, now darling, what happened today? Tell me everything” 


“And I think to myself, how did I win this life?!” 


I was telling a friend and she said, “because you blossomed into the sort of person who attracted a person like that and you learned how to treat yourself so well on your own that when someone came along who treated you well, you finally recognized what that feels like - because you’ve been doing it to yourself the whole time."


And then I thought to myself "oh, he treats me the way I treat me now."


At the time, the words really inspired me to take even deeper care of myself.


They inspired me to be more gentle and more forgiving of myself.


They encouraged me to be less critical, and more accepting of myself.


And they inspired me to actually do the things for myself that I was longing for someone else to show up and do for me.


So that yes, when I did finally meet the person I was looking for, who is truly the best person for me, I could recognize it immediately.


So that yes, whenever I would meet with a friend, new or old, who easily allowed me to be, express and share who I was, I could recognize and appreciate the magic of it right away too.


"Oh you... you treat me like I treat me. This is how I've learned to treat myself."


Being in a relationship and within our friendships is a really incredible opportunity to be mirrored.


An opportunity to see yourself in a new way, and to experience who you are with a new depth.


An opportunity to give and to receive. And to understand the different variants of love that are available to us.


But it doesn't start or end there - with others - and with what's external.


It begins with us.


It begins with you.


Have a beautiful day love and honouring YOU.


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