Soul Map

Let's get you out of your head and back into your heart.

Let's get you out of your head and back into your heart.

"I don't even know the next first step to live a life that feels exciting. I'm too stuck in my head. I'm so disconnected."

Here's the thing: no one is going to make your life feel good - only you can do that.  If you've felt the tug-tug from deep in your body - that's your soul nudging at you - that life is supposed to feel different than it does now, then it's time to listen to it. 

Get an instant download of your soul map: a guide to happiness and clarity now. 

What I've learned is that we just need to follow the next right step in front of us in order to get back on track. This is your next right step. The Soul Map is a comprehensive starter guide that I designed to be your first step in connecting with your soul, getting out of your head and back into your heart, and to start to feel more excited about life.



  • Several clarity questions for you to start journalling, which were designed to help illuminate for you what areas in your life are flowing and where they aren't.  
  • An overview of how to get started with a meditation and daily self-connection practice. 
  • My five steps to follow in order to live a life of ease, flow and magic. 
  • The number one thing I've learned sabotages our success and excitement for life.
  • Guidance about what it feels like to have a spiritual awakening, which is often marked by a spiritual smackdown when life turns your world upside down.


Maybe that's coming to a Circle event and connecting with a community of other bad-ass change-makers working on being the best versions of themselves so they can light up the world and do epic things. 

Maybe we work together 1:1 in a soul session to help you get more clarity and help you remember that you deserve to have everything you want in your life, and that everything is possible. 

Maybe you come to Costa Rica or Muskoka with me for one of the epic, transformational retreats I lead three times a year. 

Maybe you download one of my online programs for you to gain the support and tools you need to delve deeper into your path.  

Whatever it is, you'll know when you know. Know that I'm here as your guide and biggest supporter.  YOU'VE GOT THIS.  The first move is to just take the next baby step.  

Download Your Copy of the Soul Map to Begin Your Soul Journey

Grab a pen, a journal, and begin your journey of self reflection.


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