Soul School

Re-Centre, Reconnect and Begin Your Soul Journey

In times of uncertainty and big changes, you can still find your centre, a place of peace, hear your intuition, and learn to trust the universe. 

Learn the foundational tools to centre yourself every day, hone your intuition (those "gut" or "nudge nudge" feelings), and come back into your heart - whether you're new to spirituality or a seasoned meditator. 

Re-Charge. Re-Centre. Renew.

Re-Charge. Re-Centre. Renew.

Re-Charge. Re-Centre. Renew.

Tell me, Do You:

  • Really want to learn how to hear and listen to your intuition;
  • Learn to find more inner peace and self-love;
  • Want to trust the universe more;
  • Feel like there's a better, easier and more peaceful way to handle life's changes;
  • Have a mind that is in an endless thought-loop of thinking about All. The. Things. - what the future holds, or something that happened in past you can't get past, or your fears, stresses and overwhelm, what you ate, what you said, what you did or didn't do - and you want to quiet it down;
  • Feel ready to learn to be more present and focused, and how to go with the flow;
  • Want to be more grounded, and have a way to come back to centre and feel calm every day;
  • Experience that nudging feeling  that there's something more for you in your life;
  • Know that you want to be living differently but you're lacking clarity on what that looks like; 
  • Feel there might be a different, more positive perspective on how to live but you aren't sure how to get there?

Hi Lovely,

You made it to the right place.

You may be feeling like there's a better way to live - a way where your mind is quieter, you feel more at ease and centred, and you're more connected to yourself and your inner wisdom. 

Perhaps you've feeling that internal nudge to explore meditation, journaling, the universe, crystals, oracle cards, and living life from a more spiritual place, but aren't sure where to begin.

If so, great. I designed this course for you.


These tools combined together as a daily soul-practice to find centre, calm, and develop my intuition have been my anchor for the last thirteen years.

They have helped me navigate uncertainty, loss, change, and overwhelm alongside accessing higher levels of joy, focus, and freedom. 

This is the course and the community that I wish existed when I was first exploring my soul and the universe that would help put all of the practices together into a daily ritual I could turn to.

Its my honour to be able to help you teach you these practices to create your daily ritual too. 



You will be able to connect with other women who are currently doing the course or have recently completed it in a private Facebook Group. A soul journey can be lonely but doesn't have to be - I'm here to connect you with you new soul sisters.


You'll learn how to implement all of the tools into a daily soul practice to help you feel at centred and clear every day in only 10 minutes. From this place of clarity, your intuition and the universe can speak to you to provide the exact next steps you need. 


I've been practicing these tools for the last thirteen years, and have specialized in how to make ancient wisdom teachings accessible and easy to digest. I've also coached hundreds of women in how to implement these practices, and will help you to ensure that they make sense and stick, too. 




  • Weekly materials for each module consisting of video tutorials, meditations, and guidebooks delivered through online portal that you have access to forever;
  • Past recorded live teaching calls;

  • Ask any additional questions on the materials or share about your journey each week;

  • Over 30 video tutorials and guidebooks for each subject;

  • Beautifully designed workbook and guides on each subject to help you easily understand and apply the material;
  • Reflection sheets to track your progress;
  • Weekly accountability to ensure that you root into each practice;

  • Ten inspiring and uplifting recorded meditations.

Module 1 - Foundations of Meditation and Self-Inquiry Journaling

You will learn the foundations of four different meditation styles so you can find the right fit for you. You will be taught how to cultivate clarity and inner wisdom through self-inquiry based journaling. 

Materials include: guidebooks and video tutorials explaining the different styles, as well as a list containing over 500 journal prompts, and eight guided meditations. 

Module 2 - Your Body's Wisdom, Energy, and Chakras 

Part of coming to a place of centre includes tapping into the body's wisdom.  There is a mind-body connection, which means that our physical body relays messages to us about what is happening in our minds.  Our bodies reflect what is happening in our lives.  Different parts of the body associate to different ailments.  You will learn how to read your body, receive its messages, and learn how it might be giving you intuitive messages about areas of your life that need more attention.  
In this module we also focus on practicing excellent self-care to nurture not only our minds, but our whole being.
Materials include: Guidebooks and Video Tutorials explaining each Chakra, what they mean, and how to use them, Self-Care 101, and a guided Chakra meditation

Module 3 - Astrology to Understand the Soul's Path

You will learn how to read your own natal chart to understand your sun, moon and venus signs so you can understand your unique soul's journey and themes.  Astrology is so much more than your sun sign, and can be used to deepen your understanding of yourself, as well as potent themes that will emerge for you each year depending on what is happening astrologically and how it affects your chart. 
Materials include: Overview of how to read your natal chart, Guidebook summarizing sun, moon and venus characteristics for each sign, and overview of moon cycles. 

Module 4 - Tools for Centring and Connecting

In this module we go through crystals, oracle cards, and energy clearing techniques to help you understand additional supports available. 
Since this is the last module and week together, we focus on putting together all that you learned into a simple daily ritual you can do each day to feel centred, clear, and connected to your soul.

What Past Participants
Say About Soul School


Soul school was ABSOLUTELY transformational for me! The way Catie put together the information and materials was so helpful and I learnt so much! I noticed changes in my mind and body. I feel so much more connected and confident! I was able to deal with situations a lot better and gained a new perspective. I can't thank Catie enough for how much she helped me to get started on my soul journey! I wish soul school was all year round!! 


I LOVED the calls!! After every single call, I was on such a high vibe and it felt as if my heart had cracked open! I really appreciated the science behind the practices and learning about why people meditate/journal. My favourite lesson was the guide to the woo I just want to learn s0000 much more! And the astrology section really affected me and got me thinking a different way (my signs were incredibly accurate to my feelings/descriptions- I was blown away!!) I've been doing the practices every single day and have noticed a significant change in my demeanour and others have noticed too! Also, the group chat was great the accountability/relatability to all the girls was super helpful! :)

Jolene, Canada

Catie, I don't know how to thank you. Your honesty, humour and knowledge on SO freaking many things is what mokes your light so bright You lit the fire in me that was diminished so long ago. I may not have a direction of where my life is headed work wise or even if I'm ready to open up my heart to love again. However, I now have the tools BECAUSE OF YOU to help manage my stress and daily grind, to focus my moods and try and switch them, and to be open with myself and others. I feel like I'm finally breaking open instead of breaking apart. Meditation and journaling, the Woo all part of my daily routine. I can feel the light and I want more.

Lila, Canada

I've continued to go back to these materials again and again. I am so grateful that I enrolled in this program and learned how to actually have a meditation practice finally!

I. Netherlands

Totally recommend!, Follow the nudges as Catie says!!

Katerina, Canada

I loved this program!! The most id blowing thing to me was the astrology unit - I learned so much about myself it all made so much sense! Thank you for creating this it was exactly what i needed to start my journey.

Katie, Canada

I just feel compelled to tell you thank you for everything you do and continue to do for me and the other women. It's so freaking awesome. While it's been very challenging time in my life recently, today I was outside on my deck and saw it beautiful monarch butterfly (which is one of my signs that speaks to me from the uni). Which was so calming! This program has mode me feel so good every day just knowing the universe has me taken care of.

D., Canada

Having the support of you and so many wornen all exploring this stuff together has been an absolute game-chonger. I am forever grateful for the community and for you and this program for giving me the support and guidance I needed!

E. Canada

I honestly don't know whot I would hove done without this program during this time in my life. It gave me all of the tools I needed to get through a bad break-up and a massive life change and I'm just so grateful it came at the right time... 

S., Canada


Do I need anything to do this course?

Once registered, you will be sent login information for the course.   The materials can be views on a computer (or tablet or phone!).  Otherwise, you wil simply need a journal. You can choose to purchase crystals to work with, oracle decks or a saging stick, but they are not necessary.

What if I already know about some of this stuff?

This course should help you to deepen into the practices such that you can do them yourself.  If you have experience with guided meditations or going to others for angel card or tarot readings, for example, the course will help you to practice these independently. 

How does this course work?

 Once you register, you will have access to the course through the online portal.  Each week, new modules will be released for you to access.

These materials include workbooks, guided meditations, and video tutorials.

These materials are yours to keep forever after and continue to access after the course.

How does this course differ from six weeks to shine?

Soul School is a foundations program. Its an introduction to everything that you need to start to connect with yourself, your soul, the universe, and start to explore knowing yourself on a deeper level.

Six weeks to shine is a course that is about knowing, nurturing, and loving yourself in a deeper way. 

Do I need to "believe in something" to take this class?

No, not at all! While learning to connect with yourself on a deeper level usually leads to you feeling a deeper and more present connection to the universe, you can take this course if you simply want some help in learning to set a solid foundation of rituals to feel more clear-headed and connected.

What can I expect to get out of this class?

A solid understanding of how meditation, journaling, chakras, astrology, and the other tools in the program can be used to help you feel more connected and how they can be used to live a happier and more abundant life. You’ll feel confident in having established a solid “ritual” practice, which just means a solid and consistent routine of connecting in with yourself on a daily basis.

Can I connect with others taking this couse?

Yes! In each live call, the other student will be in the call. We’ll also have a private Facebook group for everyone to connect in with to keep everyone in support of one another. However, if you wish to just go through the materials at your own leisure, you are welcome to do that too.

Does it matter where I live?

You can be anywhere! This program is done completely online and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.  The live teaching calls will be done at 7:30 pm EST. 

I'm really busy, do I need to do the course all at once?

This course's content will be available indefinitely, so take your time and go through the materials at your own speed.  The live calls will be recorded should you not be able to make it.

How long is the course?

Soul School is four weeks long, ending on May 21, but you can access the materials at once should you want to go through them at your own pace. 

Are you offering payment plans?

Yes! When you register below you will see there is a payment plan option available.

Is there a refund policy if it's not for me?

Yes, absolutely.  If you take the course and feel that you did not derive value from it, and screen-shot your journal with your written notes, I will offer a full, no-questions-asked refund.

Should I enroll?

If you are feeling called to this course, or to learn these tools taught by me, then I recommend that you follow that guidance. 

I make this course accessible with the hope that it will help as many women as possible to start their journey toward connecting with their own intuition, wisdom and truth so that they can then positively impact those around them.

I'm Ready.

Investment: $99 or $29 Payment Plan

For the month of April, if you purchase a registration for soul school, you can gift a spot to someone you think could value from the program.

Option 1: $99 Paid in Full 


Option 2: $29 Flex Plan for 4 months


Let's get you registered below. Given the current circumstances we are in, there are two new payment options available in April.







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