I offer inspiring and impactful workshops for law firms and law professionals, and women’s groups and organizations

I offer inspiring and impactful workshops for law firms and law professionals, and women’s groups and organizations

Law Firm Workshops

I provide workshops and host private retreats for lawyers and law firm staff on how to navigate the demands of the profession, and find greater happiness, connection, ease, and calm in law through presentations mixing together research, practical tools and strategies and my own personal experience in practicing law for several years. I also speak to female lawyers on how feminine leadership and the law. 

Credentials, Legal Publications and Media

CLE workshop facilitator on Mindfulness for Lawyers, Happiness Strategies for Lawyers, and Dealing with Difficult Clients
OBA Committee Member and Secretary 2012-2015
OBA Task Force on Mindfulness, Wellness and Law
Mindfulness Teacher Training Certificate
Spoken to groups of 500+ attendees


Why Investing in Education, and Wellness Programming

and Support for yours Lawyers Matters


Studies consistently show that lawyers are the most depressed, addicted and stressed of all professionals. They are more likely to experience diagnosable mental disorders the longer they are in the profession.  As demands increase as they continue to practice, lawyers need wellness tools to maintain balance. 


Recent studies suggest that 44% of lawyers leave their firms within three years of hire. New calls are consistently leaving the practice due to difficulty managing the demands. Female lawyers continue to exit the profession at alarming rates. A healthy and balanced lawyer is more likely to remain in the profession.


Once an individual reaches the point of burn-out, they cannot function effectively and will either have to take significant leave of absence, or leave indefinitely. Lawyers are particularly susceptible to burn-out due to the high stress and intense nature of the work, the constant time pressures, the never ending work overload, ongoing competition, in addition to having to keep up with a wide range of legal issues, deal with difficult people, and maintain a personal life.


Finding Fulfilment, Happiness and Purpose in Law;
Productivity and Achieving Flow State;
Dealing with Difficult People (Clients and Counsel);
Burn-Out Prevention;
Feminine Leadership and the Female Lawyer;
Mindfulness for Stress Reduction and Wellness; and
Creating a Powerful Vision for the Future - Finding Purpose.


1 hour program;
2 hour lunch and learn or post-work cocktail hour format (teaching speaking as well as group discussion and self-reflection)
Half day workshop (3 hours);
Full day workshops (6 hours).

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Women's Workshops

Women’s Empowerment Workshops

I offer workshops focused on empowering women to be the most authentic, vibrant versions of themselves.

Together we explore themes of:

  • Learning to hone and trust your intuition; 
  • Determining core values and priorities;
  • How to show up authentically at work and in life;
  • Redefining success;
  • Learning to honour the cycles of our lives;
  • Collaboration over competition. 
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Manifesting and Soul Workshops

Manifestation, Soul-Connection and Wellness Workshops

I offer workshops teaching participants how to create the most beautiful version of their daily lives, how to connect with their souls, and to regain perspective on what really matters.

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